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Tag: FPS games

We Review: Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is the sequel to the highly-successful Battlefield 4, because of course it is. Numbers never seem to have been the strong point of many video game developers. Capcom, for a pointed example, took forever to count to three, preferring to put NINE games between Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III (although there was a paltry four games between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V, but I digress). Battlefield, as most of you probably know, is a first-person shooter, and this time, Battlefield 1 takes us back to the Great War: World War I. The year is 1918, and everything has gone to hell.

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We Review: Borderlands the Pre-Sequel!

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel! (and not Borderlands 3, or even Borderlands 1.5) is the latest game in the Borderlands universe, and takes place chronologically between the first two games. The game serves as a way for players to get to know and understand how Handsome Jack, the villain from the prior game (reviewed here), became such an utter malignant misanthrope. I grab my vault hunting gear and head for the moon of Pandora to battle lunar-tics and see what manner of loot I can grab.

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We Review: Metro: Last Light

Kiev, Ukraine. A crew works towards their goal. They don’t have the best resources, but they make do. It’s cold.  their workspace is cramped. And the heating hasn’t been on for a while. But their creative fire won’t be snuffed out. If that sounds like an underdog story from a video game, you might be surprised to find it’s closer to fact than fiction.

Ukrainian developer 4A games toiled through delays, the bankruptcy of their publisher THQ, and some rather unfavourable development conditions  to bring their creation into the light, so to speak. Their triumph, Metro: Last Light, is the sequel to their previous effort, Metro 2033, an FPS set in the claustrophobic metro systems of a future, post-apocalyptic Moscow. PS3 gamers were kept in the dark, as Metro 2033 was released only on the Xbox 360 and PC, but get to enter the metro for the very first time. Is the trip worth it, or should Metro: Last Light be shunned to a dark corner? My review continues after the jump.

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We Review: Borderlands 2

When Borderlands appeared on our consoles in 2009 (Ed: Really? Was it that long ago? Wow. Feels like last year), its popularity was a surprise. New IP has a hard time making a big splash in the world of console video games. Borderlands, with its co-op multiplayer gameplay proved a huge hit, and Gearbox Software, the chaps behind the game, decided that it was popular enough to deserve its own sequel, titled Borderlands 2. I definitely wasn’t expecting the “2”, so I took a trip around the planet of Pandora to see what the hullabatwo was about.

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We Review: Resistance: Burning Skies

Back in ’06, Resistance: Fall of Man was one of the very first games to be released for the debut of the PlayStation 3. The series went on to see a trilogy and even spawned a spin-off on the PlayStation Portable. And now, Resistance: Burning Skies has the honour of being the first twin-stick shooter on a handheld console. It’s an unenviable task of going first, especially considering veteran Resistance developer Insomniac Games wasn’t leading the charge. Instead, the duties went to Nihilistic Software, a developer notable for their middling effort on PlayStation Move Heroes.

So, does Resistance: Burning Skies for PlayStation Vita not only distil all the things we’ve come to know and like from the Resistance universe but also make good use of the handheld’s distinct features? I head to the front lines to find out.

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