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Make Your Own DIY Hoverboard

Ever since the film Back to the Future Part II, just about everyone has dreamed of the day we could all ride our own hoverboard. A few months ago, a company called Hendo said they could create a pretty funky one for $10,000. Leave it to someone with some time to figure out how to do it with four leaf blowers, a skateboard deck, and lots of duct tape.

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We Review: Batman: Arkham Origins

From the fantastic voice work to the hard-hitting combat system, Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham series is at the zenith of modern superhero games. In fact, 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum held the Guinness World Record for “Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever”. In 2011, Arkham City improved on its already fantastic predecessor, giving players the freedom to roam the dangerous streets of Gotham.

They say “third time’s a charm” and developer Warner Bros. Games Montréal has the unenviable task of ensuring that Batman: Arkham Origins lives up to the series’ pedigree. Will this outing to Gotham City be remembered as one of Batman’s most memorable moments or a dark blight on what has been a great series so far?

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We Review: PlayStation Vita

It’s always big fanfares and a parade complete with seventy-six trombones whenever a new major console hits the market, and the new PS Vita, the successor to the PSP, was no different. The PS Vita, announced way back in July 2009, finally released to western shores on February 22, and we took it through its paces to see what it’s all about.

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Opinion: Nintendo 3DS vs Sony NGP—FIGHT!

There is nothing quite like a good, comfy war. It is what makes the world an interesting place, and there’s nothing better than a war between two competing formats. Think of all the great format wars past: VHS vs Betamax; CD vs vinyl; 8-track vs cassette; Genesis vs Super Nintendo; Playstation 2 vs Xbox vs Gamecube; HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray. We’re all naturally fascinated by battles between giants. We’ve seen this battle play out over and over, placing our bets to try and figure out in advance who the winner is going to be. Sometimes there is no clear winner. Either way, the fun is in the speculating, so we’ll dive right into the fun of the next great war of portable gaming: Nintendo 3DS vs the Sony Next Generation Portable (which currently has no official name). I swear I’ll try to keep this as civil—and unbiased—as possible. The fisticuffs follow after the jump.