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Epic Jedi Gang Fight!

It’s red versus blue in this epic Star Wars style fight. Two opposing gangs of tattooed miscreants meet up in a back alley to discuss business the only way they know how — with lightsabers and flick knives. Check out EPIC JEDI GANG FIGHT! yo.

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Best Gang Fight Ever!

A search for gang fights on YouTube reveals several thousands of clips, which are probably very serious and most likely dangerous. This particular clip stands out from the crowd, not that you’d know it from the beginning. At first I was like meh, but then it floored me.

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Ross Kemp on Gangs – Welsh Style!

Ross Kemp on Gangs is an award-winning documentary series that takes English actor and investigative journalist Ross Kemp to different parts of the world to interview gang members.

Now, in this spoof by The Milk, Kemp visits with a dangerous gang in Wales. As Ross gets told, the gang leader always wears the backpack so he can take all the boys sandwiches for the day. It’s one of the funniest dubs I’ve seen in ages – check it out below [slightly NSFW – coarse language].

[via A Welsh View]

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Street Gang Calling Cards From the 70s and 80s

Like all business men and women, gangsters too need calling cards. In 70s and 80s when guns weren’t the norm as they are today, gangs in Chicago, USA used business cards to make new friends and intimidate other people.

Here are a couple of those calling cards.

The loonies from Hanson Park obviously didn’t think much of Pink Panther.

Rabbit stew was always on the menu at the Almighty Gaylords dinner table.

Spelling comes last at this gang.

We don’t die. We just get high. Says it all really.

Compliments from Hell’s devils Satan, Skull, Lil Devil and … Spunky.

More at WE ARE SUPERVISION [via Boing Boing]