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BMW 3 Series Assembly in Time-Lapse

I don’t know much about cars but when I think BMW 3 Series, I think ubiquitous. Just because it’s everywhere does not mean it’s common. Its creation process is anything but common.

This interesting time-lapse video shows the production process at BMW’s Werk München (Munich Plant) where the BMW 3-series comes to life. The various onboard and assembly-line cameras capture the build that starts off with unrecognizable sheet metal in the press shop and travels all the way through the plant’s innards, and ends when the fully-assembled BMW takes to the road. The video moves a little too quickly for my liking but that ruthless German precision for you.

[via Laughing Squid]

Awesomeness Entertainment Video Clips

Urban Hack Attack

Two German-sounding dudes hacked into the central light system of a building and played space invaders on it! This could be a fake, even so zat is some crazy-cool shit ya?

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