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Aesop Rock’s Graffiti Time-Lapse Music Video is Mesmerising

To promote his new single Zero Dark Thirty, American hip hop artist Aesop Rock enlisted the services of director Isaac Ravishankara and artist Coro to create a mesmerising set of visuals.

Ravishankara set up six Canon DSLR cameras that shot three-second exposures to create the time-lapse video of Coro as he painted a wall for a labour-intensive 10 hours. He then melded the footage of the ever-evolving painting with real-time video of Aesop Rock reclining against the wall on which Coro painted the mural (read the specifics of the production process here).

Zero Dark Thirty is taken from Aesop Rock’s forthcoming album, Skelethon. Check out the music video below.

[via The Huffington Post]


The House of Meggs

Graffiti and street art has come a long way from the simple spray can-to-the-wall treatment we’ve seen many a decade ago. Imagine my surprise, when I came across this exceptional artist from Melbourne, Australia. Hailed as one of the most talented artists from down under, David “Meggs” Hooke is renowned for applying his paints and stencil designs onto walls and canvases to create some amazing, expressive artworks.

His street art and gallery pieces can be seen in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Tokyo. Check out some of his exceptional hand-crafted artworks after the jump.

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Robbo-Banksy Feud Hits South African Shores

Another day, another “viral” video. I know precious little about graffiti but as any other illegal activity, there is a right and a wrong way of doing things. In 2009, when Banksy was had told another graffiti artist, Robbo, that he hadn’t heard of him, he received a swift klap and told that he would never forget his attacker. This reportedly resulted in Banksy taking a trip down to the Regent’s Canal and having his decorator clean up a Robbo tag that had been there for some 25 years. Robbo replied to the conversation by improving the Banksy piece.

This feud seems to have hit our shores and a bunch of local graffiti artists have opened up a South African chapter of Team Robbo to fight the good fight against Banksy. According to the video Team Robbo SA released a week ago, they planned a cunning ruse to cash in on Bansky’s Oscar-nominated stellar documentary/mockumentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop. As comebacks go, it’s not particularly stinging but seeing as you’re here, you may as well watch it. Incidentally, I’m in the video playing the part of the unsuspecting movie watcher.

If you’re still interested, hit the jump to see the pieces that started this feud.

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The Most Amazing Street Art

Graffiti artist El Mac brings the streets to life with his most amazing murals. From the urban scenes of the USA to Canada, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Amsterdam, Switzerland and recently in far-east places like Vietnam and Singapore, El Mac has made his mark and I’m sure people are happier for it. Like-minded artist Retna sometimes joins El Mac on his adventures. Have a look at some of his and their combined work after the jump.

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Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop #6

Of all the words I can’t spell properly, graffiti is definitely one of them. The only reason I get it right is because of the spell checker, thank you my omnipotent friend. Graffiti is the theme of our wallpaper post today, more specifically a digital form of it.

Australian motion graphics designer Brad Schwede has taken his love of digital art and graffiti and mashed them together. Graffiti Technica shows his graffiti beautifully rendered in 3D. Have a look at some of his creations after the jump.

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Masking Tape Graffiti by Buff Diss

Buff Diss is a talented Australian street artist with an interesting, non-traditional style. Instead of spray cans, Diss does tape. Using mainly masking tape, Diss creates his pieces free-hand on the streets of Melbourne (and other Australia cities), and the decay of the tape wearing away over time is part of the appeal of the piece.

Have a look at some of this work after the jump.

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Graffiti Analysis 2.0: Visualizing Tags in 3D

Evan Roth is the co-founder of Graffiti Research Lab. Inspired by his thesis project, Graffiti Taxonomy, Roth got together with like-minded artist Chris Sugrue to create an application that captures graffiti tags (or any drawing for that matter), and then generates a 3D visualization. Complete with particle effects, the animations look quite beautiful – have a look at the videos after the jump.


Mike Giant

I did not know this. And now I am enlightened. Born near sighted and colour blind, Mike Giant is now a celebrated tattooist, illustrator, and graffiti artist. A master of the black and white image, Giant draws inspiration (I almost wrote constipation, my bad.) from “cholo” life, Mexican folk art, and Japanese illustration. See some of his art below [NSFW].

Behold the sharpie power of Mike Giant after the jump.

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KENYONB: Graphic Satirist

Kenyon Bajus (or KENYONB) isn’t afraid to tackle issues of racism, sexism, classism, ageism, war, and homophobia in his work. Some may find his work sarcastic, others might be seriously offended, and that divided reaction is exactly what he’s looking for.

If I had a room full of people that were upset by my work, that would be better than everyone walking by with no reaction at all.

Here’s a small gallery of this work.

See more at KENYONB.

[via Design You Trust]

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Muto, A Fantastic Wall-Painted Animation

This is totally awesome/weird/hypnotising. Muto is an animation by Italian graffiti artist BLU and is painted on public walls in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche).

And here’s a small gallery of the frankly very odd things he’s painted on walls in different parts of the world.

More at – via Design Boom.