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Amazing Artworks by Stanley Lau

Graphic designer Stanley Lau from Singapore goes under the pen name of Artgerm on DeviantArt and his art has been viewed over 8 million times! Together with his buddies, Lau founded the Imaginary Friends Studios and creates concept art for video games companies and comic book publishers. The designs are absolutely amazing, have a look at some of his digital paintings after the jump.



Hello! this is my past self saying hello to you on this glorious Friday morning. I’m in Yzerfontein and in all likelihood boiling my butt off but thanks to the awesomeness of WordPress’ scheduled posting thingamajig, I am able to bring you another mindless post. It’s OK, there’s no need to thank me. Today we take an in-depth look at the works from French graphic design studio Hellofreaks, and by in-depth, I mean nothing but images ;-)

Have a look at some of the funky illustrations after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness

Hot Chicks on Wolves

It’s Friday and thanks to the headache pills I took earlier, I’m actually in a good mood. It’s sunny in Cape Town, Assassin’s Creed II launches today, and we’re having a vegan for dinner. What could make this day better – the bear cavalry perhaps? No, much better in fact – hot chicks in bikinis, bearing arms, and riding wolves.

“Hot Chicks on Wolves” is a creation of Aled Lewis, a graphic designer from London, England. See the full image and more of his work after the jump.

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The Psychedelic Art of Tadanori Yokoo

I don’t know much about graphic design but I do know what I like. And I love the art of Tadanori Yokoo. The 73-year old graphic designer is widely recognized as one of Japan’s most successful and influential artists.

Yokoo’s interests in mysticism and psychedelic art shaped his work and in the late 60s, he created a number of eclectic posters. Take a look at some of them below – click the embiggen.

See more after the jump.