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Gravity, With a Twist

Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity took many a breath away. Those who saw the film may be interested to know that the director has a darker alternative ending in mind, one that would have crushed the spirits of our good Dr. Ryan Stone.

An alternate opening sequence has recently come to light and Gravity would have turned out differently had it not been rejected by the studio. It’s super-cool. Check it out below.

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Isaac Newton Meets Rube Goldberg in This Gravity-Defying Contraption

We’ve seen Rube Goldberg machines that turn the simple process of turning a page, taking a photo, and sending a postcard into a series elaborate chain reactions.

With clever use of magnets, magic, and mechanics the folks over at Canadian production company 2D House created a Rube Goldberg machine that seems to defy Newton’s law of universal gravitation. There’s even a nod to the apple incident. Check out Isaac Newton vs. Rube Goldberg below.

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We Review: Inversion

Recently, Yager Development did a great job at proving that shooter games can have mature, thought-provoking storylines. While Spec Ops: The Line may have been a surprising blip in an otherwise tired genre, Saber Interactive’s latest entry is most assuredly not. Despite the promise in its title, Inversion did nothing to turn my world upside down. It’s not for the lack of trying though. With nods to a few other titles, Inversion never really finds an identity of its own, and the its much advertised gravity manipulation feature isn’t much more than a flimsy gimmick. My review continues after the jump.

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The Brushless Paintings of Amy Shackleton

Believe it or not, Toronto-based artist Amy Shackleton uses no paintbrushes to create her landscape paintings. She uses squeezy bottles to apply different colours of paint to her canvas, and harnesses the power of gravity to control the flow of the paint. She rotates the canvas as she pours the paints and also works on the floor, to pool the thicker enamel paint and shape it into the forms that she requires.

Have a look at some of her brushless paintings and a time-lapse video of her process after the jump.

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Play This: Not Tetris

We’ve seen all manner of Tetris mods from xkcd’s Tetris Hell to an FPS clone to a suitably mean-spirited version.  And we never get tired of playing them. Tetris fan Maurice from Cologne, Germany has created a mod of the popular puzzle game that keeps the nostalgic graphics and sounds but introduces real-world physics. Unlike the original game, in Not Tetris the completed lines don’t get cleared and your end goal is to stack as many pieces onto top of each other as you can.

Seems easy right? Download Not Tetris (3.5 MB, PC-only I’m afraid) and let us know how you fared.

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Flash Games

Play This: Gravitee 2

Gravitee 2 is about golf. But wait, don’t turn away in digust – it’s in space! There are different challenges that require you to guide your ball through the cosmos collecting items and flying through hoops. The Newtonian physics used in the game means that the planets and stellar objects exert a gravitational pull on your ball – this could aid or hinder you depending on the situation you’re in.

There are 40 levels of interstellar golf with 90 achievements, 3 different medals to earn per level, and 4 different game play types. Play Gravitee 2 at Kongregate.

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Flash Games

Flash Game Friday: Splitter

Today’s time waster is another cool physics puzzle in which you need to split objects to get your googly-eyed smiley face to the goal. You have a limited number of cuts that can be made, so make them count, and collecting the star in each level adds to your score.

Click and drag the mouse to make the cut – you can split joints and wood objects, but not metal and brick objects. There are 25 levels to be cleared and each can be solved in a number of different ways.

Play Splitter at Kongregate and let us know how you got on.

Flash Games

Trial and Error: Can you Achieve Perfect Balance?

Relax, take a deep breath, and give puzzle game Perfect Balance a go. As the name implies, you need to try to get a collection of shapes to balance perfectly on a base structure. There are 80 levels in total. Prepare for frustration.

Play Perfect Balance at Kongregatethanks Feeyaad!