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We Review: Homefront

First-person-shooter fatigue. It’s a not entirely uncommon syndrome, and I’m suffering from it. In an already overcrowded genre, with multiple development studios trying desperately to chip away at the market share owned by the Call of Dutys and Halos of this generation, I’ve recently become largely disinterested in anything that proffers the “first-person-shooter” moniker. Lately, I can stomach only so many variations of “Capture The Flag” or “Team Deathmatch” before I start losing interest faster than you can say “kill/death ratio”. After taking a break of sorts, purposely avoiding the genre for little more than a year, my self-imposed hiatus ceased with the recently released Killzone 3, and now (the purpose of this rather long-winded introduction) Kaos Studios’ Homefront. My full impressions after the jump.