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We Review: NeverDead

Konami and developer Rebellion Developments have gone out on a limb with NeverDead and its bizarre mechanic. Without hearing anything else about the game, the ability to rip off your appendages and fling them at enemies had certainly piqued my interest. If you’re reading this I can assume you may be that way inclined too. So, has Rebellion Developments succeeded in converting this novel idea into a worthwhile game or has it shot itself in the foot? Let’s find out after the cut.

Cautionary Tales Entertainment Video Clips

George Learns Self-Defense

Meet George. George is a nobody who gets beat up in alleyways. That is, until he attends some classes in self-defense. Things turn out quite differently after that.

This educational film was created by Chris Harding.

[via Short of the Week]

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We Review: Resistance 3

I never played Resistance before this third iteration, mostly because I only recently joined the Toaster Ownership Fraternity , but largely due to it simply not standing out in the massive backlog of PS3 titles that I needed to catch up on. Obviously that was a mistake on my part, as Resistance offers a refreshingly different universe, unlike any other I’ve experienced before. But is it any good? Find out after the jump.

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We Review: Mindjack

Mindjack, as an idea, sounds great. The chance to bridge single player and multiplayer campaigns seamlessly with the ability to “hack” into other neutral players at a whim intrigued most of the gaming scene. The hype around the game set the expectation bar high when teaser trailers and screenshots were released prior to its launch.

This over-the-shoulder, cover-based third-person shooter has strong competition. It faces up to franchises such as Gears of War, Uncharted, and the recently successful Vanquish. How does Mindjack stack-up against the rest? Let’s see if this potentially brilliant concept, developed by feelplus and published by Square Enix, has what it takes to heat up the competition.

Wander around some more after the hack.

Arty Awesomeness Featured Weirdness

You Won’t Believe It’s Gouache

At first glance, I thought these were unfinished 3D renders, but Japanese artist Kazuki Takamatsu creates these most stunning monochromatic paintings by hand, using gouache, which is a type of opaque paint that has a gumlike base and good reflective qualities.

It wouldn’t be typically Japanese without the usual nod to guns, knives, kinky poses, and most importantly, upskirt shots. Have a look at some of his paintings after the jump.

Hints & Tips Useful/Useless Info

Spotting a Hidden Gun

A handy guide for making you even more paranoid and distrustful of the people around you. Click image to see it bigger.

– via Reddit.