Arty Video Clips

The Page Turner

Joseph Herscher from Brooklyn New York likes to build rube goldberg machines. In his latest long-winded contraption, he shows you how to turn the page of a newspaper, the Joseph Herscher way. It’s a 19-step process that even involves agitating a hamster. Have a look at The Page Turner below.

[via PS3ZA]

Cautionary Tales Movies

Bob the Hamster is in Love

This endearing animated short film by Jacob Frey tells the story of Bob, a hamster who finds love but must chase it around the world. He pursues his goal with ardour of a stalker, will he catch up to it? Find out below, and be sure to watch until after the credits ;)

BOB was created in 2009 and took six months to make. In the next couple of months, it travels to many film festivals. For more info, visit

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