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How to Safely Deflate Your Hamster

You know how it is. There are just some days where you feel conspicuous because everyone is walking around with their hamsters properly deflated, and yours is still fully inflated and by this point, you’re too afraid to ask how to deflate it properly. And that’s not mentioning just how unsafe it all is. You COULD use one of the unorthodox methods, but then you’ve got an unhappy hamster and you’re also having to sweep out the dead bees and shoo away the monkey mariachi band. If only there was some simple way to do this! Well, there is! And this tutorial will show you how! After the jump.

Eating and Drinking Video Clips

Food Trials: Hamster Chooses Organic

CooksDen wanted to test whether organic food really does taste better, and roped in an unconventional test subject for the experiment. Hammy the hamster possesses superior taste buds, has no problems expressing her opinions publicly, and more importantly is not suckered in by fancy packaging or flashy advertising.

Given the choice of organic and conventional food item of the same type, Hammy chose organic in over sixty percent of the trials.

It’s all fine and good but unlike us, Hammy doesn’t have to pay for anything. Had she known about the ass-raping she would get when it comes to organic food prices, things may have turned out a little differently.

Get the stats and full report at CooksDen | Image Credit: JesseBarker.

Awesomeness Science & Technology

Hamster Power!

For his masters degree in industrial design, Tom Ballhatchet, 29, has developed an environmentally-friendly paper shredder that runs on hamster power. The rodent has to run flat out for 45 minutes to shred one sheet of A4 paper, but the rewards are great – the the shredded paper that falls onto the base of the cage provides fresh bedding.

The London-based design consultant said:

I wanted to come up with a product that would capture people’s imagination while addressing issues of topical concern such as climate change, recycling, and identity fraud.

Several companies have apparently expressed an interest in turning the working prototype into a full scale production.

Read the full article at the Daily Mail – via Bits & Pieces.