We Review: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

Back in 2011, I did the one and only hardware review for this blog. It was for Parrot SA’s high-flying AR.Drone. I crashed it a couple of times, once into a light fitting at work. Mercifully no one was injured, except for my pride. Another time, an extremely high fence stopped what would have been a suicidal plunge into a ravine. It was the wind’s fault, honest.

Operator error aside, I lamented the AR.Drone’s terrible battery and even worse camera. And I said the price was too damn high. That’s just a quick summary though. You’re more than welcome to read my review of the original AR.Drone here.

Now, Parrot SA’s new AR.Drone 2.0 is not exactly new. It was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show of last year but was only available for purchase in South Africa several months later, in October. The new AR.Drone has been bumped up to version 2.0 and that would indicate some major improvements over its predecessor. What are they you ask? To find out, I decided to take it for a spin. See my flight log after the jump.

Arty Sports Video Clips

Slow Motion Surfing

Recently we showed you Tom Guilmette’s fun experiments with the Phantom range of high speed cameras. Keeping with the theme that everything looks better in slow motion, former bodyboarder Chris Bryan, captures the art of surfing at 1050 frames per second. The surf filmmaker travels to exotic locations and uses the Phantom cameras and a custom housing (the whole setup is reportedly worth USD 300,000!) to catch the wave riding action from some very creative angles. Have a look at his slow-motion show reel below, be warned though, it gets a tad NSFW at the 11-minute mark (spoiler: (_)(_)).

[via Kottke]

Featured Game Reviews

We Review: Sly Cooper – The Sly Collection

The Sly Collection has been a difficult bundle to review. I’ll not elaborate on the snowstorm of events that has hijacked the time I needed to truly get to grips with this game. And time you will need as this collection packs many many hours of game play. What with not one, not two but three games in one bundle, it’s a Ménage à trois of cel-shaded goodness and if you’re into that sort of thing it’s a steal at the price…

But every man and his goat has already reviewed these games to depths of which I cannot begin to fathom, stolen every word that remains to be said and pilfered all the good jokes. So a conundrum, if there is little left to write how should I unlock The Sly Collection? Find out how after the jump.

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The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

From Terry Gilliam, the acclaimed director of the cult movies Brazil, 12 Monkeys, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, comes his latest film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Having made a deal with the devil, the 1,000-year-old Doctor Parnassus has gained the ability to take people beyond their imaginations. One day, the devil comes to collect on their arrangement, and the good doctor and his theatre troupe must travel through mystical parallel worlds to get back what is most dear to him.

This was final film role for the late Heath Ledger, who died a third of the way during filming. As a result his role was recast to use Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell to portray “physically transformed versions” of Ledger’s character. See the fantastical HD trailer below.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is set for a UK release on October 16th, 2009.

[via MTV Movies Blog]

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Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop #3

I guess this needs no introduction which is pretty swell as I cannot brain today, I have the dumb. Click on the images to take you to the download locations.

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Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop

Here at Onelargeprawn we dig desktop wallpapers. It really does brighten up the fiery hell I get plunged into every morning when I switch my work PC on.

Herewith I give you selection of 10 wallpapers that I hand-picked from the 50 available in the articles from Smashing Magazine and Six Revisions; I added a couple of my favourites in as well.

NOTE: 56k users beware – viewing the full images may take an age or kill your PC, whichever comes first.

Click to embiggen.

Etude #1 by PatrickGunderson

Stabilis by miniman

Lush by Jerico Santander and Nik Ainley

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