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HIFANA Takes to the Sea in “WAMONO”

The Japanese DJ duo HIFANA is made up of KEIZOmachine! (Keizo Fukuda) and Juicy (Jun Miyata), and they’re are quite adept at using non-traditional objects to make music. They are just as creative when it comes to their music videos.

Now we don’t know whether these lads have always been a little insane in the brain (or just Japanese) but in the music video for their song, WAMONO, the duo are represented by a musclebound cyclops and a pink thing with a face full of teeth. The oddball duo decide go on a rather extraordinary fishing trip. Check it out below (NSFW – mermaid boobies).

[via ufunk]

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The Nike Music Shoe

Sportswear giant Nike is going big in Japan with a great campaign for their Free Run+ running shoes. Nike asked the Japanese DJ duo HIFANA to make music by leveraging (love those marketing terms!) the bendable qualities of their new footwear. The duo happily obliged, hooking up the shoes to their sound system and experimenting with the different sounds the shoes made when twisted or bent.

Shot in some secret location in Tokyo, this is their performance.

The homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey in the beginning is a nice touch. If you’d like more technical details on how it’s done, see here.

I believe there will be a disclaimer saying the shoes sold at retail won’t actually make music when you’re using them, which is a pity. The world needs more music.

[via PS3ZA]