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When it comes to illustrations, we’ve seen our fair share of comic book superheroes and popular characters from TV and film. In his ongoing project, UK-based illustraror Dale Edwin Murray puts hip hop on the centre stage as he creates portraits of some of the biggest names — past and present — in the rap business.

Check out 2Pac, Biggie, Snoope, Kanye, Flava Flav, and a few more of your favourite rappers in Murray’s Hip Hop Heads after the jump.

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A Operatic Montage of Rap Video Clichés

I haven’t watched a lick of MTV or Channel O so I hope this is still relevant. Vimeo user Thomas Traum has created a montage that celebrates the tropes that we’ve come to know and love in rap music videos.

The montage is accompanied by the operatic Symphony No. 5 that was composed by Gustav Mahler and is played out in five acts. Enjoy it bitches.

[via Guyism]

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Brett Domino Medley is Cheesy, Geeky, Hip-Hoppy

Brett Domino and Steven Peavis of the “The Brett Domino Trio” perform a medley of old school hip-hop hits using a retro pocket synthesizer, the Stylophone Beatbox. The result is geeky and cheesy, and altogether quite fun. Check it out below.

That was last year and in 2010, the band is bringing sexy back with another medley, this time it’s three of Justin Timberlake’s songs performed with the Stylophone Beatbox, a theremin, a thumb piano, and some other geeky kit. It’s not as stellar as the previous one, but seeing as you’re here, see their latest clip after the jump.

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The Notorious MSG: Chinatown Hustler

From the mean streets of New York City comes the story of hustlers, loose women, and piping hot Chinese food. It’s The Notorious MSG mother-suckers, and they’re rivin’ the rife of a Chinatown Hustler.

More about the The Hunan Bomb, Hong Kong Fever, and Down-Lo Mein can be found on their official website. You can also follow the silly rappers on Twitter.

[via JustPlainGeoff]

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I Get The Stekkies

No offense to Cape Town, y’all a great and all and all, but the few months I spent in Durban a few years ago were entertaining to say the least. I won’t name any names (mainly because I forgot them after the night’s worth of boozing), but the people were awesome, and it really was a jol wherever we went.

Friend, fellow gamer, and multi-tasker Macross just sent me a video that brought all those feelings back. Straight outta Durban, by way of Chatsworth, it’s the hilarious hip hop artist Rajiv with I Get The Stekkies (you get the bats). Check it out.

According to Facebook, Rajiv’s rhymes will be featured in The ATTACK of the INDIAN WEREWOLF movie, a horror spoof set in Durban. Awesome on both counts!

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No Homer: 10 Rap Icons Get Simpson-ized

Urban art mag, Format Magazine, have teamed up with Moxy Creative to create “No Homer”, a quirky collection of hip hop icons who have been given the Simpson-ized makeover.

Thinking back, I’d have to thank hip hop for waking me up to the fascinating world that is thug-life swearing. I had the rudimentary words down pat, but Snoop’s lyrical realism in his ’93 album “Doggystyle” expanded my vocab to the next level. My mother claims I have never been the same since :eek:

See more after the jump.

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Eminem’s Comeback Single: We Made You

“We Made You” is a hilariously offensive new single from that man Eminem. Having been away from the spotlight for some time (I’m too lazy to google it), his comeback plans seems to include attacking celebrities like bootylicious Kim Kardashian, a portly Jessica Simpson, on-and-off lesbian Lindsay Lohan, and even former US vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. There’s a fair amount of filthy innuendo thrown in as well.

Produced by Dr Dre, “We Made You” is the debut track off Eminem’s upcoming album Relapse. Enjoy.

Find the lyrics after the jump.

Awesomeness Music Video Clips

Madcon: Straight Outta Norway

When it comes to music, it’s like I’ve been stuck in a dark closet playing with myself my toys. Once in a while, I find a track that distracts me from the carnal pleasures and gets me hip-hopping. And that track is Beggin’ from Norwegian hip-hop duo Tshawe Baqwa and Yosef Wolde-Mariam. Hear it once, you won’t be able to shake it ;)

Beggin’ by Madcon

Beggin’ original by Frankie Vallie/The Four Seasons

Visit Madcon on Myspace.