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And we’re Back!

Overnight, the Onelargeprawn blog seems to have suffered a cardiac arrest of sorts, and I was greeted with the dreaded Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error as I tried to log on today. Needless to say, we’re back from the dead thanks to the resuscitate hands of our hosting company Texo – cheers ladsĀ  ;-) Transmission will resume shortly.

In case you somehow missed it, the Interweb is awash with news of Michael Jackson’s death. Doctors were unable to revive the king of pop when he experienced a cardiac arrest earlier this morning. His unexpected death has not only devastated fans, but also started speculations as to what killed him. The jokes have begun as well, and it seems Horatio from CSI Miami is on the case.

Is it a little too early for the jokes? Probably, but this is the unstoppable force of the Internet.

[R.I.P. image credit: Typecut]