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David Attenborough’s Observations on The Fangirl

I don’t need to say much, except that this is fairly spot on, even if the animals in the video aren’t necessarily the animals that Sir Attenborough started out discussing.

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Game Reviews

We Review: Deadpool

Deadpool is everyone’s favourite “Merc with a mouth” and all-around anti-hero. If you’re not already aware of his existence in Marvel’s X-Men universe, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do, and a lot to look forward to. In any event, Deadpool now gets his very own video game courtesy of High Moon Studios. But is Deadpool all talk and no action? Or vice versa? Or verse vica? Let’s find out.

Arty Awesomeness

The Punny Art of Nacho Arjona

If you like the humour in the artworks of Aled Lewis and Hon Lam, these illustrations from Nacho Díaz Arjona might get your Friday off to a punny start. We see a heart as it draws a familiar self-portrait, a penguin looks royal, and a piñata explores its kinky side. Have a look at those and a few more of Ajona’s art after the jump.

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Life’s Funny Lessons

If you enjoyed Ashleigh Brilliant’s pot-shots, chances are you might like charming art by Spanish illustrator Alex Noriega. On his sketch blog, Stuff No One Told Me (but I have to post it here or aliens will kill me), Noriega takes a humorous look at some of life’s truths.

Check out Noriega’s illustrated life lessons after the jump.

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Alberto Montt in Daily Doses

If you can speak Spanish, I’m so hating on your right now. I’ve just come across the hilarious works of Chilean cartoonist Alberto Montt, 934 comics in total, all in bloody Spanish. However Montt has recently started translating some of his newer creations to English and I’ve picked a couple of my favourites to show you. Have a look at them after the jump.

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Green Porno Educational Videos

This is altogether surreal and weirdly delightful. Green Porno is a series of short films penned by and staring actress Isabella Rossellini. These educational videos take a look at the reproductive habits of various insects and marine animals, and whether she is getting her head eaten off  as a praying mantis or has a massive whale erection, Rossellini plays all the characters with charm and wit.

Green Porno is scientifically accurate yet so cheeky and silly. Have a look at two of our favourite episodes below. They might be NSFW on the account of simulated sex and heavy breathing.



And see a few more after the jump.

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Pot-Shots: Wit and Wisdom From Ashleigh Brilliant

Ashleigh Brilliant (real name) is a 77-year-old author/philosopher/cartoonist from London, UK. He has spent almost 40 years of this life on a project called Pot-Shots. Also known as Brilliant Thoughts, he tries to put down his thoughts in 17 words or less. He hopes that his epigrams will have a profound effect and may “hit you in your heart, brain, or funny bone – or perhaps all three.”

See a couple of pot-shots after the jump.

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The Witty Art Of Marc Johns

I just stumbled onto the drawings of Marc Johns, and had some great laughs. Perhaps it’s the mood I’m in but seeing a pair of green underpants with antlers attached to them just made me smile no end.

Johns thinks of some pretty absurd things and uses watercolours to create drawings that are simple and sparse, yet so very witty. We totally love his sense of humour, have a look at some of his illustrations after the jump.

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Shaggy dogs

Just the other day, I found myself a new and surprisingly innocent form of entertainment on the intertubes. They’re called shaggy dog tales, and are usually long involved stories that end with a pointless or plainly absurd punchline. Most of the punchlines are heavy on puns – and y’all know how I love a good pun. My most favourite to date involves some french foreign legionnaires and dessert in the desert, but it’s quite long winded, so here’s one of the shorter shaggy dogs (more of a shaggy puppy I suppose) for your entertainment:

A mother lion and father lion had gone off hunting, and had told their two cubs not to wander away. However, a couple of small wildebeests ambled by, and the young lions could not resist the temptation to try out their own hunting skills. They ran out, chased after the animals, killed them, and started eating them.

Just as the cubs were reaching the end of their meal, the parents appeared in the distance. One of the baby lions turned to the other, and said: “That is the end of the gnus. Here again are the head lions.”

If you liked that one, there are loads more here.

Awesomeness Entertainment Video Clips

Natalie Tran: YouTube Superstar

My experience with YouTube is like one-way traffic – I usually drop in to watch a blooper video or tune, and that’s about it. I never really noticed the vloggers – the video bloggers who spend much more time on YouTube, posting response videos, and generally rambling at their low-res web cam. The other day, Onelargeprawn reader Macross posted on the PS3ZA forums about Natalie Tran, a 22-year old Vietnamese Australian student whose understated, self-deprecating humour has made her one of the most celebrated vloggers on YouTube.

Natalie’s videos are usually short skits in which she plays every character, and she chats candidly to the camera between each skit. She’s natually funny and the video are very entertaining, so it’s no surprise that her YouTube channel has over 10 million views.

Here are a couple of her skits:

Makeup like a Celeb in 1 Minute

The “We Just Touched Awkwardly” Song

But I Can Dance!

See more at her YouTube channel.