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U is for Uakari

We’ve seen some lovely themed alphabets in the past, including an A to Z of Japan, video games, Star Wars, and oddness.

With her alphabet, illustrator Casey Girard takes inspiration from nature and draws a series of wild animals that not only represent the letters of the alphabet but also are in the shape of them. Her drawings are playful, have a maternal look about them. Check out Girard’s endearing Animals in Alphabet series after the jump.

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A to Z of Video Game Characters: Can You Guess ‘Em All?

We like illustrated alphabets, be it a rather odd one, an A to Z of Star Wars, or a look into Japanese culture and customs.

It’s not often that one comes across an alphabet dedicated to the gaming world. Illustrator Fabian Gonzalez has taken a sampling from the vast range of characters in classic video games and represented them as letters of the alphabet. Find the image in all its glory after the jump.

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Asialphabet: The A to Z of Japan

In her illustrated series, Asialphabet, artist Yoriko Yoshida creates a most wonderful A to Z of Japan using a variety of items and traditions that make the country so unique. Yoriko uses bonsai, ikebana, manga, ninjas, and a whole lot of other cultural references I don’t entirely understand to form the letters of the English alphabet. The letters Q and X are omitted though.

Have a look at Yoshida’s amazing Asialphabet after the jump.

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The A to Z of Star Wars

If you liked Jess Bradley’s rather odd alphabet, you might enjoy this themed one too.

When illustrators Brandon Peat and his wife Emma were expecting their first child they needed to decorate their baby’s room. Playing to their strengths they decided to create an illustrated alphabet from a galaxy far, far away. They based in on the characters from a beloved space opera, Star Wars.

Have a look at their super-cute alphabet after the jump.

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Rather Odd Alphabet

I’m set to get an education this week, and no matter how much humour the trainer will try to inject into the course, I doubt it’ll be much fun.

I’d love to regress to my childhood when exploring new things was filled with amazement, and I’d want Jess Bradley as a teacher. This illustrator from Bristol, England loves creating cute and quirky characters and started off a project to create a rather odd alphabet. Have a look at her super-cute alliterated designs after the jump.

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A to Z of Awesomeness

A comic book artist by the name of Neill Cameron is on a quest to draw STUFF that is AWESOME. Calling his project “Neill’s A-Z of Awesomeness”, he draws a character daily based on suggestions from his Facebook group, Twitter, and comments on his blog.

So for each letter of the alphabet I am going to let people suggest a character, and I will then draw that character, on a daily basis. Got it? You are also allowed to suggest what that character should be doing, with bonus points awarded for imaginative alliteration.

His wonderful series of illustrations is currently up to the letter U. Check out some of comically cool creations below.

See the full list on Neill’s blog.

[via Laughing Squid]