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Video Games as Vintage Book Covers

Illustrator A.J. Hateley from the United Kingdom has embarked on a fantastic voyage. In the Thirty Days of Videogames, she aims to create vintage book covers based on popular video games. The covers are complete with relevant publisher information, wonderful artwork, and apt titles. The series is currently in day 16, and Hateley has created many a cover including one for a scientific study into the lives of vicious headcrabs, one for a safety guide on dealing with unhinged operating systems, and another for a harrowing adventure in the land of giants.

Have a look at The Secret Life of Headcrabs, The Wonderful End of the World, The Forbidden Land, and other  wonderful video game book covers after the jump.

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Twistedly Teethy Illustrations by Noper

27-year old illustrator/animator, Noper, hails from Bucharest, Romania and describes his style of drawing as “teethy”. It’s twistedly teethy. Have a look at some of his work in the gallery below.

Hit the jump for Noper’s animation reel.

Arty Inspirational Designs

Purdy Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop #5

From self-taught digital artist Jared K. Nickerson comes a pack 20 creative vector wallpapers to brighten your desktop. The images are all 1920×1200. See a few of them below.

And the rest are after the jump.

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The Psychedelic Art of Tadanori Yokoo

I don’t know much about graphic design but I do know what I like. And I love the art of Tadanori Yokoo. The 73-year old graphic designer is widely recognized as one of Japan’s most successful and influential artists.

Yokoo’s interests in mysticism and psychedelic art shaped his work and in the late 60s, he created a number of eclectic posters. Take a look at some of them below – click the embiggen.

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Bendito Machine III

Peruvian-born Jossie Malis is an award-winning illustrator and animator who surely thinks out of the box.

His latest animated project, Bendito Machine III features an ancient civilization and their interactions with modern technology. A village elder discovers a television and the tribe is fascinated with the new object, becoming overly-obsessed, and eventually hailing it as a god. One villager sees its evil nature and must find a way to destroy it.

With its minimalist colors and quirky sounds, Bendito Machine III is full of symbolism and certainly one of the best flash animations I’ve seen.

Edit: It seems one can only watch Bendito Machine IIIon Vimeo, so head there or watch the YouTube version below:

Bendito Machine I and II are after the jump.