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Tag: indie games

We Review: McDroid

What do you get when you cross a robot with a puppy, and then ask it to protect a sentient, jabbermouthed spaceship from incessant hordes of alien life? Turns out you get a game called McDroid. Join me as I try to fix my servos and grind my gears and engineer my engines as I review this game by indie studio, Elephantopia.

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We Review: Submerged

Submerged is a PS4 game from the same team of developers and artists who worked on Bioshock (but not the same studio). The game’s claim to fame is that you can go about it at your own pace. I paddle about a sunken city and climb some buildings to bring you this review.

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We Review: The Fall (Wii U)

The Fall, a Kickstarter-backed game that first released on Steam, has now made its way to the Nintendo Wii U. I strap on my powered suit, and go exploring to see whether this puzzle action game is worth playing. Come along!

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We Review: Paper Monsters Recut

Paper Monsters Recut is a Wii U port of an iOS sidescrolling platformer, and features cute papercraft scenery and critters. It certainly looks deceptively cute. Let’s grab our markers, construction paper, and glitter glue, and see what we can make of this game.

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We Review: Teslagrad (Wii U)

Teslagrad is one of the latest in a wave of beautifully illustrated, beautifully programmed indie 2D games that we lucky gamers have a chance to experience. The game has seen some success on the PC, and now we have the Wii U version. I take the power into my own hands to see how electrifying the game can be.

[Update: Word from the developers (see comment below) is that Wii U Pro Controller support is coming in a patch, so that’s something to look out for!] Read more

We Review: StarDrone Extreme

Hot on the heels of StarDrone for the PS3, indie developers Alexey Menshikov of Beatshapers and Andriy Sharanevych from Orb Games bring their colourful top-down physics puzzler to the PS Vita. Does StarDrone Extreme play to the strengths of the handheld console? Or is it just another watered down version? Let’s find out.

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We Review: The Splatters

What do you get when you mix a physics-based puzzle game with suicidal blobs of paint, all mixed with some fancy acrobatics? You get The Splatters, of course. I took this game for a messy flip to see what it was all about.

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