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We Review: Beyond: Two Souls

I wonder if David Cage revels in being different? His studio Quantic Dream makes games different (and differently) from their peers. With the 2010 psychological thriller Heavy Rain, the studio orchestrated a coming-together of video games and film noir. In 2012, Kara the short film showed off their advanced graphics and motion capturing technology. And in 2013, Beyond: Two Souls they create their own concept of a modern adventure game that not only places emphasis on the themes of love, loss, and consequence but gets an injection of super-natural action, a top-notch Hollywood cast, and a story that spans 15 years. Seems like a great setup then, but is this form of interactive movie worth your time and money?

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We Review: Heavy Rain

I must admit when I first heard about Heavy Rain, I was a little dubious about it. I wondered whether it had an identity crisis, not knowing if it wanted to be a video game or a movie, or whether its developers had a sure sense of self in their attempt to bring innovation and a different form of story-telling into the gaming genre?

I had a bunch of other questions so I wrote this review like a little Q&A session, where I would answer my very own questions. Hit the jump to see the conversation I had with myself about Heavy Rain.