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Springsteen. Fallon. Whip Your Hair.

I’m getting old man. The other day when visiting family out in Kommetjie, I noticed my cousin dancing about like a child and mumbling something about whipping her hair back and forth. I questioned her with the standard “Excuse me, WTF are you doing?” and she was like, “Lol, it’s Willow Smith silly”. Silly me indeed, I hadn’t noticed that Will Smith’s 10-year old daughter had made a single. I listened to it and thought nothing of it, until now.

On a notable episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in November, the host donned the guise of Neil Young and together with legendary singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen did a haunting rendition of Willow Smith’s “Whip Your Hair”. Check it out.

Which version do you prefer? Let us know.

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