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Realistic Yoshi Is Terrifying!

See that look Yoshi is giving you? You should be afraid, very afraid.

In this cautionary tale, The Peter Holmes Show reminds us that even though Mario’s lovable sidekick may look cute and all, he’s still a wild dinosaur. And what do wild dinosaurs do? Find out below.

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Falcon-mounted Camera Captures Stunning Kill

You may recall how dashcams give us with a look at life in Russia. Cameras mounted onto animals provide an equally interesting view, and in this case we see it from the perspective of a Peale’s Peregrine Falcon named Dora.

Peregrine falcons are known to be the fastest animal in the kingdom, often reaching speeds in the excess of 300 km/h during their hunting dives. A camera mounted on the back of Dora captures such a high speed take down. In the beginning Dora calmly takes to the skies and explores the surroundings, but around the 2:45 mark there is an incredible burst of speed as Dora spots and makes contact with a duck. Check out the striking video below.

[via Kottke]

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Shooting Mosquitoes With Laser Beams

I’m easily aroused amused. Find below a slow-motion snuff video that shows an unsuspecting mosquito being zapped by a laser beam.

It seems that the mosquito didn’t just wander into the path of the laser, it was being targeted. In 2007, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation tasked a company called Intellectual Ventures to think up new technologies to fight malaria. One of their creations was the Photonic Fence, a defense system that could identify a mosquito by how fast its wings are beating, and then shoot it out of the sky.

[via +Mike Breytenbach]