New Uses For Retro Cassette Tapes

Way back in the day, I had a hand-me-down Walkman. It was so very awesome until a friend of a friend stole it off me, along with a mix tape that I had made for a special lady friend. I never had any theft issues after that, the main reason being that my parents didn’t see fit to buy me another Walkman.

At one time cassette tapes were the cutting edge of personal music collections – during the mid 1980s, cassettes accounted for more than half of the worlds total music sales. With the coming of the digital age, the cassette has been replaced by CDs, MP3 players, playlists, and music libraries.

Instead of collecting dust in boxes, surely there must be alternate uses for humble cassette tape? Indeed there are. Find out after the jump.

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Storage for the ladies…

…and no it hasn’t got anything to do with bras or other breast storing facilities! OK lady readers I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of boobies etc for the week. I mean I’m not against titties – I have them, half (or slightly more) of the world’s population have them, but I like to see the odd useful thing on the web. Anyway I was browsing another great blog – Neatorama – and I came across this cool and handy lamp that doubles as a place to hang your earrings.