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STS-134 Mission Recap

The Space Shuttle Endeavour took its last flight yesterday as it roared into space from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. STS-134 is the 25th and final space flight for Endeavour, it carries six astronauts and scientific gear to the space station. One of the equipment on-board the vessel, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer is a USD 2 billion device intended to search for evidence of “dark matter”. reports that a bobtail squid was an unlikely passenger.

STS-134 is the penultimate mission in NASA’s space shuttle program and in case you missed the live event like I did yesterday, here is a recap of day one, including the launch and some operations performed within the Endeavour.

For more STS-134 mission videos, visit NASA. Flight commander, Mark Kelly should be tweeting during the course of the mission, follow his handle, @shuttlecdrkelly and the official tweets from the Kennedy Space Center, @NASAKennedy.

[via NASA Multimedia]

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The Nike Sportswear x Kronk Collection

For the couple of weeks that the FIFA Soccer World Cup will be running, South Africa is going to be the centre of the world. With the tournament a mere 34 days away, sportswear giant Nike has teamed up with awesome designer/illustrator Kronk (Cape Town FTW!) to create a range of clothing that represents Mzansi and our love for the beautiful game.

Nike released a 30-second spot showing Mzansi “bleed its colours” with the greens, blacks, and yellows of the national flag seeping through the city. Kronk plays a little cameo in the clip, check it out.

Kronk is one of six international artists who collaborated with Nike Sportswear to create an alternative national team kit. He was asked to make a crest, mascot, print, and typeface in his unique style. His designs were revealed at a media launch that happened earlier this week. For more info and images on that, hit the jump.