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We Review: Fable Anniversary

And so, dear readers, we return to Albion. Or is that re-return? How do we phrase starting from the beginning all over again with a new coat of paint? Hmm…perhaps “Once Upon a Time” will do? Either way, let’s find out if the HD release of Fable is a shining prince, a damsel in distress, or the big bad wolf.

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We Review: Fable III

It should come as very little surprise to anyone that Lionhead Studios’ Fable 3 is the sequel to the hit game, Fable 2. It should also come as very little to no surprise that, like its predecessor, the game is an action RPG set in the land of Albion, a place filled with high adventure that’s beyond compare, magic and mystery that’s part of its history, and copious quantities of gummiberry juice potions. Find out whether this game bounces here and there and everywhere after the…jump.