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Creepy October: 10 Movies not to Watch Alone

Part of the ritual of growing up is watching horror movies together as a group of teenagers. The shared experience mitigates the fright somewhat, and makes it more tolerable. Some of those films you can even watch when you’re alone. And then there are some films that you really shouldn’t watch when you’re alone. Especially if you’re of a nervous bent. In which case, why are you watching scary movies alone, again? Get the popcorn, and I’ll run down some creepy films you have to rope others into watching with you (in no particular order–randomness can be just as creepy as the expected scares). Obviously, fright is a subjective term; some might find this list a little tame, others a “keep away” notice. If you’ve seen these, or have other recommendations, let us know in the comments below! The list after the jump-scare.

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10. Perez Hilton
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8. ReadWriteWeb
7. The Official Google Blog
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4. Engadget
3. Gizmodo
2. Boing Boing

And the top blog is …


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