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Dogs in Cars

When British photographer Martin Usborne was a child, he was left alone in a car. Although it wasn’t for very long, the experience clearly stayed in his memory. In his photo series, Dogs in Cars, Usborne explores those childhood feelings of fear and loneliness.

Usborne didn’t happen to find and photograph dogs stuck in cars. These aren’t incidental images, the scene was set up and the dogs were placed in the cars. Like children, it’s easy to see the look of vulnerability on the faces of the dogs. See a few of the photos from Usborne’s Dogs in Cars after the jump.

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The Lonely World of Dmitry Maximov

By combining illustration and photography, Russian artist Dmitry Maximov places his cute whimsical monsters into different landscapes of a human-like world. These bulbous characters often look lonely as if the landscapes seems unwilling or unable to take notice of them.

More of Maximov’s micro worlds after the jump.