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Nuit Blanche

Directed by directed by Spy Films‘ Arev Manoukian, “Nuit Blanche” is a short film set in 1950s Paris and tells the story of a man who catches the gaze of a woman sitting in a cafe across the street. It shows how a fleeting glance between two strangers could result in an explosion of feelings (and a few other things). It’s really quite dramatic, check it out below.

If you’re interested, see the making of Nuit Blanche on YouTube.

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Darth Vader and the Romantic Subplot

Just a few days ago we featured some cool illustrations of the fearsome Darth Vader. Whilst he may have been an imposing figure and found your lack of faith to be disturbing, Vader was lightweight when it came to flirting with the ladies.

This character flaw can be seen when he falls in love with a female co-worker at a staff briefing. He makes a total hash of it, excuses himself, and ends up in the ladies toilet. Check it out below.

How embarrassing was that?

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10 Ways to Lose a Girl

I’ve never had to try very hard to get out of relationships. I was usually on the receiving end – “Thanks it was great, but my boyfriend will be back from his overseas trip” or “I knew I was drunk, but wow I must have been totally wasted. Now get out of my room!”. One time a girl broke up with me to hook up with her Spanish dance instructor – he would teach her how to dance and she would teach him how to speak English. It was short-lived though, as he gave her the clap. But I digress…

For the guys out there who want out of the tenuous relationships they are in, Dennis from shows 10 ways to lose a girlfriend (and 1 way to lose a guy).

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Love of the Dead

It’s not all fun and necrophilia when you’re a zombie. Sometimes the undead live such hard lives.

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TheBeardly: A Beard Grows A Man

I love my beard. The joy of not having to scrape my face, neck, and ears every morning to conform to today’s standards of a groomed man makes me tremble with giddiness.

And I am not alone in my love for what the TheBeardly consider as man’s greatest achievement.

More observations at TheBeardly.

BONUS: 10 very good reasons why you should grow a giant beard.

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Head Over Heels

A tale of love and love lost in stick-figure town.

– via The Daily What.

Animal Kingdom

Seahorses: World’s Most Romantic Species

Forget any notions you may have about being the most romantic girl/guy in the world. Acts like not farting in bed and occasionally letting your partner shower first pale in comparison to the most romantic species in the world: seahorses.

Seahorses hold tails, change colours, and whirl about together for days before their true courtship dance, which happens to last about eight hours. When was the last time you satisfied your partner for 8 labourious hours? The cherry on the top of this is that the male of the species becomes pregnant and carries the offspring.

More about seahorse life and Environmental Graffiti.

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Wild times

In case you’ve been in hibernation, or a sex slave in the wilderness for the past couple of months, you’ll know that there’s a recession going on out there. And by out there I mean on your doorstep, in your wallet, and even in your bar fridge. I’m hating it – how about you? Anyway in both keeping up with current economic events (it’s a Bear Market apparently), and simultaneously taking your mind off them, I present a few pieces from Things Bears Love via Bored At Work (which I so am).




Bears also love DRUNKS






Get more laughs here.

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Bill Bailey: Love Song

If it were genetically possible, I would have Bill Bailey’s children. This man is hilarious. Watch as he sings about love, betrayal, hatred, and depression.

Click Play or go to YouTube.

– via The Confucius Times.