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Epic Rap Battles: Jobs vs. Gates

Like the Bloods and the Crips, the rivalry between Mac and PC rages on, albeit with a little less bloodshed. But it’s cut-throat nonetheless as Epic Rap Battles of History pits the two champions of the computing world against each other. It’s the nerds versus the creatives but who is the real winner in this throwdown? Find out below.

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If Computer Problems Were Real

We might not know it, but we tend to use a lot of metaphors to describe the computer problems that we have to contend with. From frozen documents, to broken Windows, to issues with the firewall, the AwkwardSpaceship takes a look at how chaotic the world would be if all our computer problems were actually real. Be sure to stick around until after the credits have rolled.

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Mac vs PC

It’s the age-old rivalry now transformed.

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