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It’s a Twerking Bonanza in Major Lazer’s New Music Video

Butts, butts everywhere.

The wibbly wobbly twerk dance takes centre stage in the music video to Major Lazer’s new single. If you’ve seen any Major Lazer music videos before, the alarms bells should already be ringing. Prepare for more Eric Wareheim absurdity as behinds get blown up in Bubble Butt. NSFW, obviously.

Not that I was paying attention, but the track features the singing talents of Bruno Mars, Mystic, and Tyga.

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Major Lazer: Halo

We have featured Major Lazer on the blog before, and from the number of comments (a whole two!) it seems the Jamaican commando isn’t exactly popular. Would it help to know that the poor chap lost an arm in the secret Zombie War of 1984?

In any case, Diplo and Switch are back, and have teamed up with Jamaican dancehall rapper Elephant Man to cover Beyonce’s Grammy-winning ballad, Halo. It’s really well done, I like it. Give it a listen below or download it and let us know what you think.


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Major Lazer: Keep it Goin’ Louder

We’ve posted about Major Lazer before, more specifically the NSFL music video of their dancehall experiment “Pon De Floor”.

Whilst the video for “Keep it Goin, Louder”, the latest track taken from the “Guns Don’t Kill People – Lazers Do” album, is nowhere near as pornographic as Pon De Floor, it does take the tired “in the club” theme and mashes some monsters into it. Things are getting progressively worse (as they do when the undead is concerned), and only a visit from the Jamaican commando can set things right. Check it out below.

Incidentally, you can listen to user-submitted remixes of both tracks at Remix Major Lazer.

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Major Lazer: Pon De Floor

Eric Wareheim must have forgotten his reading glasses when asked to direct the music video for Major Lazer’s new single “Pon De Floor”. What you’ll see below is more like porn on de floor. Be warned, this kind of athletic humping is NSFL – you’ll be scarred wherever you watch it.

Now, where’s that eye bleach?

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