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Play This: Tuper Tario Tros

Maths can be extremely difficult at times, but not in this instance. What happens when you take the classic platformer Super Mario Bros and add the block-dropping puzzler Tetris to it? Simple – you get Tuper Tario Tros.

In Tuper Tario Tros, world 1-1 starts off as one would expect, but soon Mario comes across obstacles that seem insurmountable. What to do then? Summon the powers of Tetris and build a path that Mario can safely traverse. Use the arrow keys to move, X to jump, and the Space bar to switch between Mario mode and Tetris mode.

Play Tuper Tario Tros at Newgrounds and let us know how you got along. I didn’t do that well, I’m dodgier than that cheesy pick-up line “You plus me, subtract our clothes, divide your legs; multiply.”

[via Kotaku]


Super Mario Chess Set

The fact that my first two posts on this blog are related to Nintendo games is an absolute coincidence, I promise. It’s just that the content of these two posts was just so full of win, I had to post them.

Anyway, Super Mario Chess! This is just awesome. There are a couple of odd things you start noticing once you get over the feeling of nostalgia. Mario and Luigi as King and Queen? Mario as king I can totally understand, but Luigi as queen? And why on earth are the Goombas playing as towers?

Nevertheless, it’s still totally awesome.You can buy a set at EntertainmentEarth for $40.

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Arty Awesomeness

Amazing Game Art

Deviantart user, Orioto, has put some absolutely incredible art up. Taking inspiration from most of the games we played as kids (and still dream about today, I’m sure), he’s created wallpapers of the likes of Mario, Sonic, and even Donkey Kong.

Man, I really hope some game designers are seeing this. Imagine playing games that look like this. I instantly think of Braid, and its wonderful visuals.

You can download the high resolution versions of these images, and many more, from Orioto’s Deviantart account. When I say “high resolution”, I’m not kidding; That Mario image is 5000px wide!

Thanks Orioto!