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A Heavy Metal Viking Tale Told in LEGO

YouTuber and brick fanatic Paganomation combines heavy metal and LEGO toys to tell a tale of the middle ages where a lucky strike results in simple Norse woodcutter being able to transform the world around him. Everything he touches turns to awesome. It’s sure to be the most hardcore LEGO music video you’ve ever seen. It’s crazy, epic, and very creative indeed. Check out BUILD! below.

See more of Paganomation’s work on YouTube and Flickr.

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Six Sexy Sucker Punch Posters

Sucker Punch is the first movie Zack Synder has worked on that is not based on existing material. Set in 1950s, Synder’s steampunk sci-fi flick follows the story of Baby Doll (Emily Browning) who has been imprisoned in a mental institution by her villainous stepfather. With a lobotomy scheduled in five days, Baby Doll imagines an alternative reality where she needs to steal five objects to escape captivity.

Fresh from Comic-Con comes a set of delectable posters for Sucker Punch complete with school girl outfits, bust-enhancing corsets, fishnets, guns, and mecha. We’re sold already. Check out the sexy posters after the jump.

Awesomeness Cautionary Tales Featured Video Clips

A Gentlemen’s Duel – Now With Steam-Powered Mecha!

Aaah my lady. Your grace is matched only by your boobies, err, I mean your beauty.” With an opening line such as that, you know you’re in for something special.

In this hilarious animated short from Blur Studio, a cunning war of words between two gentlemen who seek the hand of a beautiful lady, quickly erupts into an EPIC battle in giant Steampunk mecha!

Packed full of explosive action and sexual innuendo, it’s one period drama you won’t soon forget. See it below or watch it in high quality on YouTube.

That’s totally made of win, don’t you think?

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