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In Your Face: “How Safe is Pepper Spray?” Infographic

With now infamous police officer Lt. John Pike (see casually pepper spraying everything cop) appearing in the cover to their infographic, the people from Online Criminal Justice Degree provides information on deterrent that is pepper spray, its spicy power, and how it affects its victims.

See the full How Safe is Pepper Spray? infographic after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Featured

Make a Nyan Cat Papercraft Machine!

Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! No doubt you’ll recall the catchy tune that accompanied the 8-bit Nyan Cat as it flew through outer space and into our hearts.

At the height of its popularity, Nyan Cat inspired remixes, wallpapers, games, and homebrew mods that allowed you to replace the drab Windows progress bars with the jollier Nyan Cat. DeviantART user Philipp S even created a papercraft toy that replicated the movement of Nyan Cat. The result is smashing, see it in action after the jump.

Awesomeness Cartoons & Comics

Philosoraptor – The Philosophy of a Reptile Mind

Perhaps I’m the only one, but whenever I hear anyone say the words ‘Clever Girl’ while talking to their dog, girlfriend or colleague, I’m immediately reminded of one of my favourite scenes from a movie. Maybe I’m not the only one and you already know which scene and which movie I’m talking about?

Come on… it’s one of the highest grossing films of all time and was groundbreaking in it’s day, you have watched it!.. Still nothing… Alright fine, final clue is an image, maybe the left side of your brain is more active than the rest.

Clever Girl

There you go, the movie was Jurassic Park and the dude with the shotgun and the sweet hat (Robert Muldoon) gets eaten by a raptor because as he so rightly puts it, raptors are clever. Which is why I have such a soft spot for Philosoraptor. Philsoraptor asks the questions that we want answered, the questions we may never know the answer to. Check out a selection of his finest after the jump.

Cautionary Tales

High Expectations Asian Father

It’s a popular stereotype that Asian parents want nothing but excellence from their children and I chuckled at the very first High Expectations Asian Father image macro I saw. It was the one where the overly critical father questioned how their child could have possible gotten a C when they were clearly an A-sian. Have a look at that image and a few more of our favourites from this meme after the jump.


Ninjas Can’t Catch You If…

It’s recently come to light that some ninjas are able to spew forth a wave of deadly bubbles from their hoohoos. While that’s pretty awesome, ninjas aren’t necessarily perfect. Like everyone else, they are fallible to some degree, as shown in a 2008 episode of the web comic The Adventures of Dr. McNinja where the good doctor’s father set himself on fire so that the ninjas wouldn’t attack him. That practical idea was printed onto a t-shirt and then picked up by 4chan’s random board, /b/. And a fun little meme was born.

Have a look at some Ninjas Can’t Catch You images after the jump.

Awesomeness Cartoons & Comics

Marvel-lous Cats

Cats are the lifeblood of the Internet. If you liked Joseph Senior’s mashups of Hello Kitty and pop culture icons we posted about earlier, you’re bound to like the #MRVLCATS meme doing the rounds on Twitter. This is the one in which artists illustrate Marvel super heroes as lovable felines. Have a look at some of the Marvel Cats after the jump.

Awesomeness Mindlessness

Meet Leonardo DiHapprio

Earlier in June, a photo of a sad Keanu Reeves perched on a park bench caught the attention of Reddit users. An outpouring of love for the sullen actor resulted in hundreds of photoshopped images flooding the Internet. And just when people thought the Sad Keanu meme had died, he popped up in a collage that quite frankly is the only one we don’t think needs more cowbell.

And in that image of the Meme Team, you may have noticed a rather jolly Leonardo DiCaprio in the background. Originally taken during the filming of Inception, a now photoshopped Leo Strut (or Leonardo DiHapprio) is now doing the rounds with Leo joyfully walking past some terribly awkward situations. Have a look at some of Leo Strut images after the jump.

Awesomeness Mindlessness Sports

Bzzzzzzzzzz: Funniest Vuvuzela Images

The vuvuzela has been a South African institution since the 90s. While they may sound like a horde of angry weaponized bees, vuvuzelas are a staple of the football world cup, a soundtrack for the tournament if you will. One local lass ripped her windpipe trying to blow into the device (perhaps sucking was her forte), players have complained the drone has messed with their concentration, and one broadcaster has added audio filters to dampen the constant blaring. In all seriousness, some commentators have likened the sound to an elephant passing gas or a cow being given a surprise enema, which in itself would be a funny sight.

It seems some of the ====<() madness has died down from Twitter unless for some reason you’re following @the_vuvuzela, but the vuvuzela is parping its way to memedom with funny image macros popping up on the 4chan boards. Have a look at some of them collected by Know Your Meme.

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Going Medieval: The Bayeux Tapestry Meme

If you liked the Joseph Ducreux/Archaic Rap meme, you might enjoy the Bayeux Tapestry meme. Created sometime in the late 11th century, the Bayeux Tapestry is an embroidered cloth panel some 70 metres long and tells the story about the Norman conquest of England that happened in the year 1066.

That was then. This is now and as is commonplace with the Internet, the tapestry has been bastardized with modern pop culture references and other popular Internet memes. For your enjoyment, we pick 10 of our favourites from this medieval meme. Find them after ye olde jump.

Awesomeness Featured Music

I Enjoy Large Posteriors…

In the late 1780’s unorthodox French artist Joseph Ducreux painted a portrait of himself pointing towards the viewer with a smug “I fucked your girlfriend” type of grin. Whilst the portrait itself hangs in the Louvre, the image has certainly done the rounds on the Internet. In late 2009, it gave rise to a popular meme where an “archaic reinterpretation” of popular rap lyrics were superimposed over the artwork. And it has resulted in great lulz.

Find 10 of my favourite Joseph Ducreux memes after the jump.