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The Funniest “One Letter Off” Movies

Ok, perhaps I should give you the full title, “Our list of the 20 funniest #oneletteroffmovies that I put together in 10 minutes without searching Twitter too thoroughly because my eyes are sore and preserving them is quite frankly more important than compiling a silly list”. Anyhoo…

The photoshop gurus at Worth1000 have been doing One Letter Off contests for quite a while now and this past weekend, it seems the meme made it to and had overtaken Twitter. The idea behind #oneletteroffmovies is to re-imagine popular flicks by changing, adding, or removing a letter in their titles, for example Jurassic Park becomes Jurassic Pork (which I am informed is a juicy adult entertainment film). Anyhoo…

Find our list of funniest, possibly vulgar #oneletteroffmovies after the jump.

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Adventures in Memedom: Ceiling Cat

With the internet being what it is, new memes are as virulent as those unsolicited STDs you caught on the weekend (don’t worry I won’t tell anyone). And Ceiling Cat is a character spawned by the popular Lolcat meme. Word has it that the voyeuristic feline teleports between houses and pokes his head through holes in the ceiling. Why? To watch people masturbate. See below.

I can imagine you are about to pose this question: “But I don’t have a hole in my ceiling. Will this guarantee I won’t get spotted?

The answer is NO – If there is no hole in your ceiling, he’ll make one, so it’s advisable to put your cock away.

Perving aside, Ceiling Cat can lay waste to planets with his eye lazers. Oh, he also hates Jews.

BONUS: Ceiling Cat now available in papercraft!

Make your own and stick him anywhere.


241543903: People With Their Heads in Freezers

It’s Sunday and I’m running on fumes.

If you plug the number 241543903 into a Google Images search, the results will show you photos of people sticking their heads into freezers. This little bit of interestingness was brought to you by David Horvitz. And as memes go, it is as fun as accidentally ingesting your own faeces. But hey that’s my opinion so let us know what you think.

[via Laughing Squid]

Link Loving

Link Loving – April 16, 2009

There seems to be a shit-storm veering towards my cubicle, and I seem to have misplaced my I-Don’t-Give-a-Fuck helmet. Whilst I contemplate Hari-kiri, here are some links:

  • The best psychopaths in comics – part 1 & part 2.
  • Top 10 very unfortunate x-rays.
  • Two Texas men arrested for stealing 50 pornos from adult store. They are obviously unaware of the Internets.
  • Know your meme: Yo Dawg.
  • It’s Penguin Mayhem! Shoot, steal, and win at all costs in Penguinz.
  • Star Wars vs MacGyver in this opening sequence mashup.
  • A collection of amazing vertical gardens and sky farms.
  • Porn star Aria Giovanni teaches us how to boil an egg – you know how to do this already, but you’ll watch anyway.
  • Shitty ad for toilet paper.
  • Triumph, the cigar-smoking Rottweiler interviews Star Wars nerds. Hilarious and in two parts – part 1 & part 2.
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You Should Have Seen This

Greg Rutter has reached the end of the Internet and compiled a list of 99 viral internet memes. If the Internet has a collective consciousness, would this list be it?

Head to You Should Have Seen This – thanks Wellmedicated.

Link Loving

Gone Fishing: Left Links in Fridge

The Onelargeprawn blog staff will be away this weekend. The copy-paste elves haven’t had a holiday since the inception of this blog and I thought it would be nice to let them out the basement for once. They will be travelling in the boot of the car, which quite frankly is luxurious compared to the sty the vicious ankle-biters live in now. Any complainers will be summarily used as fishing bait.

Normal transmission will commence on Monday. In the meantime, some links.

7 historical figures who were absurdly hard to kill – Why won’t you just die???

Bonjour Mon Coussin – Purdy cushions.

Twin Shot – Cupid’s arrows can kill.

Fuck My Life – Title says it all.

Evolution of Stereos, Speakers and Home Audio – There’s no geek like an audio geek.

Awesome Octopi – From the impersonators to the vampires.

Kid vs Sheep – The face-off.

Internet Meme Timeline – Keeping up with the memes.

A new taste sensation in India – Smells like cow piss to me.

KENKEN Puzzles – Test your puzzle and math skills.