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We Review: NBA 2K11

Before I go into the details of this NBA title I think I should dwell a bit on my personal experience on sport gaming titles. I’m not a FIFA/PES fan, I hate golf and cricket, and I absolutely cannot handle repetitiveness of sport games.

But I have not always hated sport games; there was a time on my PS2 when I played NBA JAM religiously. It was awesome fun, I loved the arcade style of playing and having played Basketball in real life I knew the rules backwards and really enjoyed the 3 pointers and slam dunks.

Now some years have passed and I cannot recall the last time I even considered playing a sports title. When the Big Prawn asked me to review NBA 2K11, I was very eager to see if this game could revive that old fire that burned rather deep. It turns out NBA 2K11 wasn’t exactly the “phoenix down” I was hoping for.

From the get go I was disappointed. Not having any knowledge of previous 2K games, I had no idea how the control system worked and NBA 2K11 threw me straight into the deep end: the 1991 finals, Bulls vs. Lakers. Needless to say I made Michael Jordan look like a paraplegic whose hands had been replaced with spoons. I’m even sure I started singing the hit song from Rick Astley, “Never Gonna Give You Up” while I was sobbing in between time-outs. Sorry MJ, it didn’t end there.

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