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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet: Art Meets Video Games

Feeyyaad over at Utter Insanity sent this to me with an impassioned plea to take a look at it. I was mad at him for infecting me with his foul sickness and didn’t pay much attention to it, until now. Having seen it, I think I might just have to kiss him!

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is a side-scrolling shooter from artist Michel Gagne and FuelCell Games. It’s packed with striking visuals, bizarre looking gameplay, and totally made of WIN. It’s the best thing you’ll see today. Here are some screenshots.

Check out the trailer below or see it in HD at GameTrailers.

As crazy-good as it look, the game currently has no publisher or platform, but Gagné gives this assurance: “Our goal is to get it on as many platform as possible.” Keep up with the game’s progress at its production blog.