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We Review: Disney Magical World 2

It’s still 2016, so that means we’re going to review either a remaster or a sequel again. Seriously, I can count on one hand the number of reviews we’ve done for totally new IP, but a new release is a new release, so we’re going to go back…to the future! Magic Kingdom for Disney Magical World 2! Not only do we get to play with Mickey and Donald and company like we did in 2014’s Disney Magical World (which we reviewed here), we also get a to enjoy a whole new bunch of Disney characters from Anna and Elsa to Lilo and Stitch to Snow White, as well as enjoy the company of some old ones from the last game. Magic wands at the ready?

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We Review: Disney Magical World (3DS)

Disney Magical World is a Life Sim game that puts you into some famous Disney worlds to roam or play at will. Think of it as Animal Crossing meets Disney. It’s not the kind of game that’s usually on anyone’s radar: but I’m going to tell you why it should be.

Arty Cartoons & Comics

Alternate Mickeys

The late Ward Kimball was an accomplished animator for the Walt Disney Studios. While the character of Mickey Mouse had already been in existence for some decades, Kimball wondered what Mickey would have looked like if he were drawn by Picasso, bore a resemblance to Bugs Bunny, or had a penchant for showing off his willy.

Take a look at Kimball’s alternate Mickeys in his 1985 character board after the jump.

Cartoons & Comics Weirdness

Demented Disney Characters

While we you may have seen them in all sorts of tight underwear or given the macabre makeover, you’d never think of your beloved Disney characters as pimps, hookers, and flashers. CG Hub user Darko Kreculj (TestosteronMan) does just that, re-imagining the ever so cute creatures in their sinister forms.

See TestosteronMan’s dark Disney fan art after the jump.

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We Review: Epic Mickey

Mickey Mouse is Walt Disney’s most recognizable and profitable cartoon character. Having starred in countless cartoon strips in the past, the once beloved Mickey Mouse isn’t making as grand an impact on this generation of young people and it is feared he may be turning into nothing more than a corporate mascot for the company that created him over 80 years ago. Change was sorely needed and that task of re-imagining Mickey Mouse was handed over to Warren Spector and the good people at Junction Point Studios.

In Spector’s new vision that is Epic Mickey, the usually cheery mouse steps out of his comfort zone and is forced to embark on a dark and dreary adventure that one will not soon forget. Ever curious, Mickey stumbles onto the creation of sorcerer Yen Sid (“Disney” spelled backwards) – a model world that is a mirror of Disneyland that serves as a home for all of Disney’s discarded cartoons and forgotten fairground attractions. Mickey fumbles around with the sorcerer’s magical brush and mistakenly unleashes a sinister Shadow Blot. The situation is made more dire when Mickey tries to erase the creature but ends up spilling thinner all over the the world. Delirious with panic, Mickey legs it from the scene while the blot invades the world. Months later with the event forgotten, Mickey’s nap is interrupted by the Shadow Blot who pulls him into the world.

Find out what happens after the cut.

Awesomeness Movies Video Clips

Disney Pulp Fiction!

You might have seen Screen Rant’s brilliant Inception/Toy Story 3 trailer mashup and thought it an odd combination. This is the Internet and unlikely things are mashed together all the time, oh like say a scene from Quentin Tarantino’s brutally funny Pulp Fiction dubbed over with the voices Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. Believe it. The results are hilarious. Check it out below [NSFW – Donald Duck says fuck].

[via The Awesomer]

Cartoons & Comics Weirdness

Mickey Mouse Ungloved: The Horror, the HORROR!

I don’t know about you but I don’t like to think about what ghastly tortures a cow went through to become the juicy fillet sitting on my dinner plate. Ignorance is total bliss.

Equally, I’d prefer not to know who or what the person in the Mickey Mouse costume looks like. Disneyland Paris on the other hand disagrees and decided to unglove the lovable mascot in a bid to “humanize Mickey Mouse”.

Sweet baby Jesus! The hand only has four freaking fingers (alliteration, I knows it ;-)) – and stubby ones at that. What child is going to hold hands with a four-fingered monster? I think this ad has succeeded in offering a potentially human element to Mickey Mouse as much as Syphilis has done to improve your IQ.

What do you think?

[via Copyranter]