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World’s Smallest Aquarium is Super Cute

Anatoly Konenko is a Russian artist who specializes in miniatures, so much so that he even has Guinness World Record to his name. In 1996, Konenko created a 30-page, 0.9 mm by 0.9 mm book complete with text (and illustrations!), and won the award for the world’s smallest printed book.

Carrying on the theme of microminiature as he has done for 30 years, Konenko has recently created the tiniest of aquariums. Measuring just 30mm wide, 24mm high, and 14 mm deep, the glass tank holds 10 ml of water, plants, stones, and teeny-weeny fish! He uses a itty-bitty net to place the little Zebrafish into their home, and he has even crafted a water purification filter to keep the habitat clean and healthy. You must see images of this adorable little aquarium after the jump.

Arty Video Clips

Dot: A Side-Scrolling Adventure in a Microscopic World

Dot is a very small girl. She is in fact 9mm tall and wakes up in an equally miniscule world full of danger, where it seems the backdrop is out to kill little Dot. In this side-scrolling adventure, the tapestry is snapping at her heels as she attempts to bound over rolling coins, navigate through crystal caves, and cross the perilous seas of pencil shavings, in the hope of escape. Find out what happens next in Dot below.

The stop-motion film was created by Sumo Science and shot on an N8, in essence making it cleverly-disguised Nokia commercial to highlight the phone’s fancy camera and its Carl Zeiss optics. The creators used CellScope, an attachment that can turn the camera of a mobile phone into a low-cost microscope. The ad also set a Guinness World Record for having the smallest stop-motion animation character in a film. See the behind-the-scenes footage after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness

Too Cute to Compute

If you’re in need of a smile this Friday, look no further than the tiny, awfully cute robots created by artists By Jenn and Tony Bot. These miniature art toys stand 2.5 tall and are made from polymer clay, glass beads, and a whole lotta love. The Bots are adorable representations of popular characters from cartoons, popular TV show, and movies. Check out a small selection of them after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Featured Photoworthy

The Wonderfully “Strange Worlds” of Matthew Albanese

Matthew Albanese had me fooled. Mind you it I’m easily aroused duped.

The 26-year old artist creates the most spectacular realistic-looking landscapes through the use of clever photography and everyday objects. The miniature models contain an astonishing amount of detail. Consider my jaw dropped. Check out some of his “Strange Worlds” series after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Cartoons & Comics Featured

CubeDude: LEGO Pop Culture Icons

If you’re a fan of vinyl toys and LEGO, I postulate that you have just jizzed in your pants or soon will. Created by Pixar animator and obvious LEGO fan Angus MacLane, the CubeDude Lego Icons series features over 120 charming miniature representations of dudes from movies and TV to cartoons and comics. The characters are instantly recognizable and so very awesome. See a very small selection after the jump.

Animal Kingdom Arty Weirdness

Tessa Farmer’s Hell Raising Fairies

Tessa Farmer’s miniature sculptures reinvigorate a belief in fairies, but not the fantasia as you know it. These fairies and hell’s angels are more sinister and goth, skipping the bus trip to wonderland in favour of torturing the insects around them.

Farmer’s mutated fairies stand barely 1cm tall and are created from plant, tree roots, and dead insects.

See more fairies after the jump.