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Music, Philosophy, Typography

Music, philosophy, and typography are three of the things London-based graphic designer Mico Toledo loves. And in his weekly project, Music Philosophy, he combines those three elements to create posters of memorable and often profound song lyrics from the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and even Jay Z. Toledo uses minimal colours and bold typography to great effect.

We totally love his project, have a look at some of his designs after the jump.

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More Minimalist Movie Posters

Remember the guy who cut a sheet of glass under water with a pair of scissors? That happened yesterday, except it was the glass that cut me. A large bit of my epidermis got sliced off my left hand and left me a lesser man. At least that’s the excuse I’ve used to get out of any chores around the house. Don’t tell anyone.

None of my injuries have anything to do with what this post is about, but sometimes that’s how I roll. Minimalist movie posters are all the rage these days, and in this post we take a look at re-imagined classics, alternative posters for super hero films, and horror flicks penned by Stephen King. See our selection after the jump.

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Wonderfully Retro LOST Posters

You may recall Albert Exergian’s minimal poster for the hit TV series, LOST. If you liked that, then you might enjoy the silk-screened posters by designer Ty Mattson.

Earlier on this year Mattson, a huge fan of the series, sat down to design an invite to a season six premiere party at his house, and ended up creating eight different LOST posters. From enigmatic John Locke to the quintessential eye scenes, his posters are wonderfully retro. See them out after the jump.

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Beautifully Minimalist Movie Posters by Hexagonall

You may recall the minimalist TV show posters that we featured on the blog back in February (refresh your memory). If you liked that, it may have led you to the Saul-Bass inspired TV title sequences created by Vimeo user Hexagonall (view those intros).

Hexagonall has come under the spotlight again, this time with a selection of minimalist movie posters where he uses very simple elements to capture the essence of that movie. It’s done really well. Have a look at a small selection after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Featured Inspirational Designs

Minimalist TV Show Posters by Albert Exergian

Austrian designer Albert Exergian excels in this exercise at minimalism. In his series of posters for popular TV shows, he has boiled down the essence of the show down to its most simplest form. The results are amazing, the shows are instantly recognizable from the symbols that Exergian has used. See ten of these posters after the jump.

See more of Exergian’s minimalist TV show posters at (scroll down to the bottom).

This kind of art literally sells itself so if you’d like to pick up any of these posters, they’re up for sale – GBP 50.00 for an A1 print. More details at Blanka.

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