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Fake Science is Misleading, Very Amusing

Teachers around the world, you best avert your eyes. We know at times science can be difficult to understand at times, and a Tumblr blog called Fake Science is attempting to take a little of the confusion out of the subject by giving you trivia that is outrageously false but so very amusing. The misleading factoids cover a variety of topics such the key ingredients of volcanic explosions to how fish breathe underwater to the amazing tech behind 3D glasses.

Have a look at some of these factoids after the jump.


Zimbabwe’s New $100 Trillion Note

CNN reports that Zimbabwe’s central bank is soon going to be introducing a 100 trillion dollar note to keep pace with hyperinflation. The official rate was 231 million percent as of July 2008. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe said the new notes that includes 50 trillion, 20 trillion and 10 trillion would be released for the “convenience of the public”.

We here at the onelargeprawn blog have spies everywhere and in exchange for some Colgate toothpaste and a Kitkat, one of our mercenary contacts has managed to get hold of the note. Herewith for your viewing please, and a World first, I give you Zimbabwe’s new 100 trillion dollar note.