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“Perpetual Ocean” Visualization Looks Like a van Gogh Painting

Every day it’s swirling. The world ocean is a large body of water that covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface and this beautiful time-lapse animation by the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio shows the movement of the ocean currents around the continents and islands.

Using data during the period of June 2005 and December 2007, Perpetual Ocean is produced using a complex computation model that is usually used to predict changes in world’s currents. In this case all the facts and figures have been removed, leaving only the curly and swirly patterns that look like they could be part of the starry nightscape in a Vincent van Gogh painting.

For more information on Perpetual Ocean, visit the Scientific Visualization Studio.

[via @JoeyHiFi]

Arty Featured Mindlessness Risqué

We “Bubble” Some Local Models

I don’t know much about the doctrines of Mormonism but the Internet revealed that a Mormon on a bodybuilding forum wasn’t too happy that the terms and conditions of his religion prohibited the viewing of naked bodies. In his earnest desire to see nudity that wasn’t there, this horny lad said he created a radical technique called bubbling. In all likelihood, it originated from the bowels of the Internet, 4chan, however I’m not going to investigate further – every time I go there, I see something I really wish I hadn’t…

Bubbling involves loading a photo of one or more bikini-clad ladies in a graphics editor and applying a set of circular cutouts in strategic locations. This gives the illusion that said ladies are completely naked. The young Mormon’s results were quite convincing so we thought we’d give it a go too. Armed with a tutorial (see here), we set about bubbling, not just anyone mind you, but some home-grown models. Have a look at our creations after the jump.

Eating and Drinking Entertainment

PETA Crowns Sexiest Vegetarian

I had salad for lunch – truly I did and I loved it every bite of it. It’s not like the TV ad where the husband gives away the sandwich his wife lovingly made for him and heads off to KFC for fulfilment.

To tie in with the fruit and vegetable theme, I’m pleased to announce that PETA has recently chosen winners for its 2009 Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door contest. Did you even know there was such a contest? I certainly didn’t, perhaps I should take a more keen interest in this vegetarian lark. “Vegetarians are people too” someone once told me, and these ones are hot.

After 3 rounds, two women made it through to the final – Gisele and Amber. Gisele (on the left) is a 25-year old meat-dodger from Miami who enjoys modeling, graphic design, arts and crafts, and mountain biking; Amber is 29, hails from Minnesota and is turned on by confidence, bad boys who have a heart for animals, tattoos, and creativity.

And the winner is…. after the jump :silly: