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From the high-speed pursuit to the slo-mo big air jump to the classic train escape, the chase scene is an integral part of movies.

In his short film, Wes Ball of Oddball Animation studio creates the thrilling post-apocalyptic chase sequence in which an unnamed protagonist is invariably spotted by a flying sentry and must take to his trusty Yamaha motorcycle to escape. Check out RUIN below.

Ball’s short film leaves off where all good teasers should—with you eager to know more. To see behind-the-scenes work on RUIN, be sure to check out Oddball Animation’s concepts page.

[via io9]

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Top Gear Invades Vietnam

Good Motoring, Vietnam! The Top Gear team is going global, with shooting locations taking place all over the world,  and they’re starting with Vietnam. As if these people haven’t suffered enough under the Westerners, they must now prepare to receive Hamster,  Captain Slow, and the bat-shit insane Jeremy Clarkson.

Click Play to watch the special, it’s in two parts.

Top Gear Vietnam Special – Part 1

Top Gear Vietnam Special – Part 2

The Vietnam show will be followed by trips to Hong Kong, Johannesburg, and Sydney. Incidentally, the waiting list to get a first-hand glimpse of the show being produced contains an incredible 336 000 names (which translates to about a 21-year wait!) so visiting these exotic locations may be the best chance to see the show in-person – via