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Tag: mountain biking

Amber the Amazing Downhill Dog

In dogs meets base jumper, Mario Richard goes for a short flight and his dog, Cajun, faithfully watches and follows him down the mountain to meet him at the landing point. It’s an endearing, albeit chaotic doggie cam video. See it on Vimeo if you missed it.

In the same vein, whenever mountain biker James R takes to the track, his trusty dog Amber is hot on his heels. Amber is a Vizsla, a Hungarian gun dog that is known for its natural hunting abilities. James attached a GoPro to his bike and filmed Amber as she zipped through the forest, taking the most efficient route to keep up her “prey”. Take a look at their chase video below.

[via Reddit]

Mountain Biker Meets Angry Buck

Whenever I’ve walked on the slopes of Table Mountain, the nicer mountain bikers are generally the ones going uphill. They’re far too out of breath to be of any danger to me. However, the ones coming down the hill seldom announce their presence. They scream down the rocky roads, leaving a trail of dust and angered walkers in their wake.

You’d think a mountain biker on the flat savanna wouldn’t be of much nuisance to anyone. Unfortunately for mountain biker, Evan van der Spuy of Team Jeep South Africa, that wasn’t the case. During a race at the Albert Falls Dam, van der Spuy rode past a grazing Red Hartebeest who reacted to the cyclist’s presence. And by “react”, I mean “charge the mountain biker and klap him something fierce”.


[via +James Francis]