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“What if” Movie Posters Reimagined for Another Time and Place

In his series What If, illustrator Peter Stults imagines what the posters for popular modern movies would look like if they were made in a different era. Stults keeps the name of the movie the same but changes the actors and the visual theme of the poster to suit the time.

Instead of John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, Stults re-creates a famous scene from the movie using 50s actors Charlton Heston and Harry Belafonte. James Dean makes a handy replacement for Ryan Gosling in Drive, and steel-toothed Richard Kiel plays an alternate T-800 in a 70s pre-make of Terminator.

Have a look at some of Stults’ wonderful What If movie posters after the jump.

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Spritely 8-Bit Movie Posters by Eric Palmer

Nostalgia never goes out of style and the love for all things 8-bit seems unbounded. For April Fool’s this year, Google showed off Google Maps for NES, an 8-bit layer that turned the world into a Nintendo-themed landscape. That love for 8-bit, NES, and the movies is certainly evident in the works of spritely graphic designer Eric Palmer.

Palmer illustrates the characters and themes from popular modern flicks using a minimal colour palette and classic Mega Man game sprites. Have a look at his retro 8-bit posters for Star Wars, 300, V for Vendetta, Kill Bill, and more after the jump.

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Neon Movie Posters

Neon signs are wonderful aren’t they? At the height of its popularity in the 40s, neon was used in marquees for many movie theatres, bars, and shops. It seems this type of signage has lost favour in recent times, but MrWhaite is bringing sexy back, albeit in GIF format. The UK designer creates animated neon posters for some classic movies. See his creations after the jump.

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Hitchcock Re-Envisioned: Fantastic Posters by Laz Marquez

Graphic designer Laz Marquez was chatting to a co-worker about horror films and set out to create an alternative, modern set of posters for some of his favourite Alfred Hitchcock films. He initially started with “The Birds”, and then moved onto “Rear Window” where he played around with the typography. His choice for the third poster was decided by his Twitter and Facebook followers, and in “Vertigo” he pays homage to the iconic original poster created by Saul Bass. The series was completed with a bloody tribute to “Psycho”.

Marquez says this about his body of work:

Since I’ve started this project, I’ve had such an amazing time taking each piece of cinematic history and re-imagining it on my own terms. It’s been spontaneous, challenging and overall fulfilling. In addition, it’s been amazing to put some of the process in the hands of my followers and see what they’ve wanted the project to evolve into. Overall, I couldn’t be happier!

See Marquez’s amazing set of “Hitchcock Re-Envisioned” movie posters after the jump.

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Far Out! Iron Man 2 Fan-Made Posters

The standard Iron Man 2 posters were OK (here’s one, two), but I’d hardly get an iron boner when I think about them. Was that crude? I apologize.

A couple of fan-made posters that have recently come to light are far more turbo-charged than the official ones. Have a look at them after the jump.

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Time to Get Ugly With Jonah Hex

We have just returned from watching Iron Man 2. It was entertaining although not as great as the first one. Also, whilst Don Cheadle is a great actor, I really did miss Terence Howard as Rhodey. He and Downey Jr. had a great chemistry, something I didn’t quite see in Cheadle’s performance. It was admirable but a little flat. Anyways, you’re clearly not here for that.

Just as Iron Made made it from the comic book to the big screen, a DC Comics antihero who has been around since the 70s will soon be crossing the divide. In the upcoming action flick Jonah Hex, the surly bounty hunter is given a chance to clear warrants on his head if he tracks down and stops the plans of the villainous Quentin Turnbull. Hex was left scarred by Turnbull in the past so payback is certainly going to get ugly.

The first trailer hit the Internet this weekend. Check it out below – be warned it contains Megan Fox so you may be repulsed or titillated.

The role of Jonah Hex is played by Josh Brolin (Planet Terror, No Country for Old Men), with John Malkovich (Shadow of the Vampire, Con Air) playing Turnbull. And in one of her most challenging roles, Megan Fox tackles the role of Leila, a gun-wielding prostitute.

Jonah Hex releases in U.S. theatres on June 18th (movie poster) but it seems South African audiences may have to wait until August 3rd to see it.

Update (May 17th): Warner Brothers has recently released a set of new character posters for the movie. We thought you might like to see them. Megan Fox is there by default, but the inconvenient title text is obscuring her naughty bits.

[via Cinematical | SuperHeroType]

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Beautifully Minimalist Movie Posters by Hexagonall

You may recall the minimalist TV show posters that we featured on the blog back in February (refresh your memory). If you liked that, it may have led you to the Saul-Bass inspired TV title sequences created by Vimeo user Hexagonall (view those intros).

Hexagonall has come under the spotlight again, this time with a selection of minimalist movie posters where he uses very simple elements to capture the essence of that movie. It’s done really well. Have a look at a small selection after the jump.

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The Lost Art of Inglourious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino, The Weinstein Company, and The Upper Playground Art Gallery in Los Angeles have teamed up to raise money for the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. For “The Lost Art of Inglourious Basterds” exhibition, 13 artists were asked to make a poster based on their interpretation of Tarantino’s Oscar-nominated flick. The results are fantastic to say the least.

Six copies of each poster were made; they were numbered and autographed by the acclaimed director, and priced not at a 100 Nazi scalps, but a more realistic USD 300.00 each.

The exhibition previewed last night at The Upper Playground Art Gallery, and I’d be surprised if the posters weren’t snapped up in minutes. Have a look at them after the jump.

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Amazing Movie Posters by Tyler Stout

They don’t make them like they used to. Until now – well, since 2006, but knowing my penchant for catching things late, I only became aware of this most awesome artist today.

The fantastic works of Tyler Stout, an illustrator from Washington D.C., take you back to a time when film posters were considered valuable collectibles, worth framing and putting up on your wall. See some of his rad posters after the jump.