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Game of Thrones Characters Reimagined as Mr. Men and Little Miss

You’ll love this. Your favourite Game of Thrones characters are getting an adorable makeover. Each day, this single-serving site will reduce the characters of George R. R. Martin’s epic series of fantasy novels down to their single personality types, in the style of Roger Hargreaves’ “Mr. Men” and “Little Miss”.

Gregor Clegane forms an imposing shape as Mr. Brutal while Joffrey goes red in the face as Mr. Rageous. Littlefinger clearly agrees that his first name should in fact be Pimp. See them and a few more after the jump.

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Superheroes Re-imagined as Mr. Men

Growing up, I never had any of the Mr. Men books. Going through them now, I was a lot of those, including one that’s not in the series – Mr. Total-Pain-In-Yo-Ass. My mom would be nodding in agreement if she were reading this, but I’m not so sure she knows what the Internet is. In any case, I love you mom :heart:

Right where was I going with this? Oh, a Glaswegian graphic designer by the name of Seven_Hundred wondered what your favourite superheroes and villains would look like if they were drawn as Mr. Men characters. He set to work, and the results are so very cute. See some of Seven_Hundred’s fun re-imaginings after the jump.