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Tune for Two

In a frozen part of the world, a man is dragged through the snow. His vision is blurry but he sees someone digging a grave. He expects the inevitable as his killer points a gun at the back of his head, but the execution takes an unexpected turn when the man says his last words. Have a look at Tune for Two below.

Tune for Two was created by alfa primo.

[via SA Gamer]

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Wilkins Coffee Adverts Are Persuasive, Threatening

Despite having an uncle in the furniture business and pricing that is inspired by me, I find product advertisements in South Africa to be a tad bland and uninviting. And in another “they don’t make them like they used to” moment, I found a set of vintage ads that I think are pretty persuasive.

Between 1957 and 1961, a Washington D.C. coffee company commissioned Jim Henson to created a series of  TV commercials to pitch their product. Each commercial was 10 seconds long and featured two puppets named Wilkins and Wontkins. Wilkins pushed the importance of drinking the coffee to Wotkins through physical pain. The commercials are violent, dark, and quite funny. Check it out.

[via Super Punch]