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Farty Frozen

Fart jokes never get old for the small of mind. In this light, you may not have seen the fart-inspired parody of the infamously earwormy song, “Let It Go”. This is titled, quite appropriately, “Let One Go”, and the singing is about as close to Idina Menzel as you can possibly get without actually being Idina Menzel. Just a lot, lot ruder, of course.


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Tesla Coil Plays “Sail” by Awolnation

The Tesla coil is one of Nikola Tesla’s most significant inventions and is capable of producing extremely high-voltage discharges. At a Maker Faire event in Kansas City, YouTube user highvoltagefeathers put the electrical transformer to creative use. He set up the the coil to discharge electricity at various frequencies and the resulting disturbances in the air created the sounds of “Sail” by Awolnation. Have a listen to the cover below.

[via The Awesomer]


Mario Paint Composer Cover of “Get Lucky” Hits all the Right Notes

Mario Paint on the SNES featured a music maker that allowed gamers to create their own melodies. Mario Paint Composer is the Windows (and Mac) version of that music maker, and in the right hands is capable of creating some wonderful covers.

Pianist Adam Shin skilfully arranged different elements in the Mario Paint Composer timeline to create an instrumental cover of Daft Punk’s funky track, Get Lucky. Shin uses hearts for the bass, mushrooms for the bass drums, aeroplanes for the guitar effects, and the Game Boy sound to stand in for the vocals. Have a listen to his chiptune rendering of Get Lucky below.

[via Wired]

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Great Emotions: A Thrilling Musical Roller Coaster

This wonderful visualization takes the sheet music from a symphony by German composer Ferdinand Ries and turns it into a thrilling theme park ride.

Keeping in tune with the first violin of symphony No. 2, 4th movement by Ries, the musical roller coaster starts slowly, reaches its zenith, and then plummets into a whirlwind of turns, rises, and dips. Check it out below.

The visualization was created by German animation studio Virtual Republic.

[via @Stephenfry]

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Mobius Strip Music

A Möbius strip is a surface that only has one side. Take a strip of paper, put a half twist on it, loop the two ends and you’ll have a physical representation of this object. Cartoonist and writer Sam Wilson plays with the twisted paper model in a delightful way.

Wilson composed and punched out a piece of music onto a Möbius strip of paper and cranked it out on a little music box. Listen as he plays the normal melody and then the inverted version where the high notes are now the low notes and vice versa. It’s a beautiful tune. I could listen to it for ever.

[via @WombatSam]

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A Wonderful World of Music

You may recall cdza (short for Collective Cadenza) from their three-minute tribute to whistling or their jovial piano rendition of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s song, “Niggas in Paris.”

In their latest video, the group sings “What a Wonderful World” in 16 different music genres, transitioning from Gregorian to metal to disco, and even the accursed dubstep.

[via Goodnet]

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Hilarious Lithuanian Blow Job

Meanwhile, in Lithuania…

Architect-turned-photographer Tadao Cern humourously plays on the colloquial term for fellatio.He blasts a powerful jet of air at the faces of women and records their reactions in super slow motion. See the Blow Job video below.

[via @boingboing]

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The Rockingest Grannies You’ll see Today

Eurovision tends to bring out some of the …oddest…acts you’ll ever see. And sometimes, some of the most memorable. So here’s a video of a troupe of Russian grannies—the Buranovskiye Babushki (Burano Grannies)—with their Eurovision 2012 entry, Party for Everybody. If your feet aren’t tapping by the end of the song, then I fear you have no soul. You might want to have that looked at by a good (witch) doctor.


[via Huffington Post]

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“At Doom’s Gate” Played on Eight Floppy Drives

In the right hands, a bunch of floppy drives can make some very beautiful music (see Phantom of the Floppera). YouTube user MrSolidSnake745 makes uses of eight floppy drives to recreate the music from the first map of the first episode of the venerable FPS title, Doom.

Check out the floppy drive version of “At Doom’s Gate” below.

Doesn’t that bring back memories? Hit the jump to hear the original piece of music.

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Everything is a Remix

In his series of videos entitled Everything is a Remix, Vimeo user Kirby Ferguson takes an interesting look at what a remix is, when it started, how it has pervaded every form or art, and where it’s headed. It’s due to be a four-part series with the first exploring the nature of covers, knock-offs, and sampling in music. His second short film was released last week and explores the use of existing material in the production of films. It’s very enlightening, see the two videos below.

See more information about Ferguson’s project including the references and samples used in the series at Everything is a Remix and follow him on Twitter.

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