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“Toe Jam” Music Video is Cheeky, Censored, Arty

If it’s your first day back at work and there is barely anyone else in the office, I totally empathize with the feelings you’re, erm, feeling. One of the very few advantages of being back at the office early is that you can watch anything you want without having to “watch your back”. If you’re feeling a little down, then I’m hope this suggestive music video will help improve you mood, it certainly uplifted mine.

The song is titled “Toe Jam” and is by The Brighton Port Authority, which happens to be an alias for the legendary Fatboy Slim. It features the vocal talents of David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal, and contains young naked people dancing, but don’t worry, it’s censored and thus, safe for work. The censor bars make some sort of art, but I barely noticed that. ;-)

The South Park version of the sextastic video is just as fun. Have a look at that after the jump.