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Fillion and Daly Take Their Jobs Seriously

When you have as much spare time as I do these days, you tend to spend a lot of it either watching television or roaming Youtube. Most of the time it’s for new teasers of upcoming movies and nonsensical crud that’s posted by the world. Just when I was about to log off and cry myself to sleep, I found a webisode that put a smile on my face. It’s from The Daly Show.

The Daly Show, not to be confused with Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, stars Tim Daly (Wings, Diner) and his son Sam Daly. It’s essentially a parody of the life of Tim and Sam and the adventures they have.

Tim is also well known for his voice work as Clark Kent/Superman for DC Comics’ animated films and previous TV shows. This particular webisode uses this fact as the basis for its story and stars, in my opinion, the most underused talent of Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle). Nathan, as most fans of the WB animated films know, is the voice of Green Lantern. He is also, most importantly, keeping the Lantern dignified after Ryan Reynolds’ debacle with it. The short also stars Michael Rosenbaum whom we all remember as Lex Luthor in the Smallville series, but does the voice of The Flash along with Daly and Fillion in the Justice League.

I’m not going to write a brief plot as it would spoil it for you, but give it a watch and let us know what you think.

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Cautionary Tales Video Clips

Kaley Cuoco PSA For “Slave Leia Fatigue”

With roles as the wise-cracking space captain Mal Reynolds and novelist-turned-detective Richard Castle, Nathan Fillion is a hero to geeks and nerds the world over. Recently he used his considerable fame to highlight the some the important issues faced by masses of gamers. In the first PSA created by Break Originals and The Nerd Machine, Fillion provides pro tips on dealing with the uncomfortable and frustrating affliction known as swamp ass. If you missed it, click here to see.

Now it seems Kaley Cuoco, from The Big Bang Theory, is also speaking out. She touches on a worn out syndrome that affects cosplay girls across the globe. While the gentleman may have no problems with it, slave leia fatigue is a very real concern. Cuoco offers some tips in this, the second PSA from The Nerd Machine.

[via Nick de Bruyne on Google+]