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H+: Adventures in Transhumanism

Transhumanism (which my spell checker insists is the misspelling of transvestitism) is a movement that seeks to improve the mental and physical characteristics of humans through the liberal use of technology. It is the main subject of a new sci-fi web series that premièred just the other day.

Aptly titled H+, the digital series produced Bryan Singer (X-Men, The Usual Suspects) advances ideas like Project Glass into a future world where human beings are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day via a device planted in their bodies. While some are more than happy to accept the H+ computer into their lives, others are opposed to the technology for the fear of breaches in privacy and the ever looming threat of hackers. It’s not long before a virus outbreak kills millions of users, leaving the remaining humans to fend for themselves in an offline world.

The first two episodes were flighted on August 8th on YouTube, with a new episode due to be added every Wednesday. Have a look at these two H+ episodes after the jump.

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We Feed the Network

By using its services, we accept the fact that entities such as Google is collecting data about us and our online habits. Information is power after all, and in his short film We Feed the Network graphic designer Michael Rigley explores how the metadata contained in a multimedia (MMS) message is harvested, stored, and sold on to the highest bidder.

According to Rigley details such as the user’s phone number, location, receiver, and the amount of data sent are included in the 736 pieces of personal data that is collected each and every day by service providers. See more details in We Feed the Network below.

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